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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Danny Roberts "however the win may come, I dont see it making the 3rd round" ahead of Cage Warriors 57 fight

Danny Roberts talks to Kingdom MMA ahead of his Cage Warriors 57 fight

by Ben Heather @benheather

Photo: Dolly Clew/ Cage Warriors
 Today Kingdom MMA caught up with Danny Roberts ahead of his welterweight fight on Saturday night at Cage Warriors 57 in Liverpool's Echo arena. The past few days have been full of change for Danny Roberts as it was only a couple of days ago his opponent was forced to change due to an injury and now he is now set to fight Aldric Cassata.

Ben: On Monday it was announced that your opponent has changed and you are now fighting Cassata. how will that change things on the final week before the fight?
Roberts: I've done all the hard training so there is not much I can change. I'm now in the final week so its all about studying my new opponent and doing as much homework as I can to be prepared for what he's going to bring on the night. The mental side of things and the game plan will have to change but other than that I'm physically ready as always to go the full 3 rounds.

Ben: Did you have a specific game plan for Chimento and will that now change due to the change of opponent?
Roberts: Chimento is a world class Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, whereas my new opponent is more of a striker and wrestler so I will mentally adapt more of an offensive game, I will be fast and accurate, watch for the big shots and take downs. At Next Generation throughout our fight camps we train every area of our game to the highest level so we're ready for whatever our opponent brings on the night, no matter who they are or when it is.

Ben: Are you pleased that Cage Warriors were able to find you a new opponent at such short notice?
Roberts: I had all faith that Cage Warriors would find me a new opponent, they're Europe's premier MMA organisation and this is one of the reasons why they can still find top level opponents at the drop of a hat and always promise exciting match-ups.

Ben: What do you know about your new opponent Aldric Cassata and do you like the new match up?
Roberts: I've done some research over the last week which will continue up until the fight. He's a little bit shorter than me, a striker and wrestler with a good ground game. He's seems to prefer to strike and likes to load up with his power. He has got strength and a bit of an unorthodox style but I see many holes in his game, a lot of areas open for me to exploit.

Ben: Are you disappointed that you can't fight Chimento the opponent you had been training to fight? And do you hope you can fight him in the future?
Roberts: No not really, Chimento was just another fighter stopping me from getting where I want to be.  There was no bad blood between us, so no real hatred or reason to want to fight him in the future. I am disappointed about the fact that I've had a big fight camp and me and my team have game planned for this particular fight so it can throw you off mentally. But these things happen and you have to accept the fact and deal with it mentally, because you know you are physically ready, its just a frame of mind to overcome.

Ben: How has the camp been?
Roberts: I've done a 10 week fight camp now, pretty much straight of the back of my last one. The training camp has gone really well from start to finish, I've had good training partners to make my training more diverse and to work on different parts of my game and learn more as well as sharpen up the tools that I've already got. I've been lucky to get top level guys like Jack Mason, Luke Barnett and Leeroy Barnes to mix it up with so it's been an enjoyable 10 weeks with a difference.

Ben: Last time out you fought in a big arena in Cardiff and now another in Liverpool. Are you getting used to fighting in big arenas now?
Roberts: Coming into every fight I get the same nerves and feel the same way about my opponent and what lies ahead whether it be in front of a small crowd or thousands. Initially the build up to the fight ie ticket sales, interviews, filming and the overall publicity around the event creates a good buzz and gets me mentally pumped and ready but whatever the show, big or small, I go in with the same frame of mind and keep telling myself that this person is trying to take something away from me.

Ben: Coming from Liverpool is it a dream come true to be fighting in the Echo Arena in front of your home town?
Roberts: I've watched the Echo Arena being built and have always known like everyone else that Liverpool is a great fighting city, so for any professional athlete to be able to perform in Liverpool's Echo Arena in front of thousands on a massive stage like Cage Warriors is a dream come true. 

Ben: Have you got a lot more family and friends that will be coming to the fight this weekend that maybe haven't been able to make some of your past fights?
Roberts: Throughout my career I've always had a good turn out and a good following, and I'm very grateful for the support that I have so it has made it easier for a lot people to know its on their door step in a major arena like the Echo. The positive attitude and vibe I get off my friends and family always helps and in their own individual way it helps to push me towards success and that's why having a big following to this fight will be special to me.

Ben: This card is a massive card for UKMMA have you heard/ felt a buzz for this card that has differed to some of your previous fights?
Roberts: Fighting out of a Liverpool based gym with loads of local lads on the card in a major arena has had the city talking. There is always a lot of conversations about the Cage Warriors event in the Echo, the advertising and the publicity has been bigger than any other I've fought on so far. Its a credit to Cage Warriors and shows their ambition in being a top MMA show in putting on such a high level card with some of the UK's top prospects going head to head.

Ben: Do you think a win here puts you next in line for a title shot? You have won your last two, both times stopping your opponents and one of those wins was against another title contender Jack Mason.
Roberts: I believe that when the time is right a title shot will come. Right at this moment in time I'm concentrating on taking one fight at a time, progressing to the top level and entertaining on the way up. But ye I do think another win wont put me far off.

Ben: What's going to happen on Saturday night? How do you expect to get the win?
Roberts: Saturday night will be a tough, awkward fight at a very fast pace. I do not see it going the distance and however the win may come, I don't see it making the 3rd round.

Ben: Would you like to say thank you to anyone?
Roberts: Yes a big thank you to my team at Next Generation Liverpool and @NolimitsGym_, my head coach Paul Rimmer, my sponsors; @Keneticasports for providing me with the right supplements to help me through my fight camp, @fuelshakes for helping me in every way they can and Les Oulton at Livewire Dynamic for making it all possible.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jack Mason "After 35 pro fights this will be my first arena show and I can't wait!" ahead of Cage Warriors 57

Jack "Stone" Mason talks to Kingdom MMA before Cage Warriors 57 fight

by Ben Heather @benheather

On Monday I caught up with Jack "Stone" Mason ahead of his fight at Cage Warriors 57, which takes place in Liverpool's Echo Arena on Saturday night. Just before I spoke to Jack news had been released to say that Jack would not be fighting Bruno Carvalho but instead fighting Ali Arish on less than a weeks notice.

Ben: Today (Monday) it was announced that your opponent has changed, how will that change things on the final week before the fight?
Mason: Not a lot to be honest! This was literally a last minute change so all my training camp was done and I just have to focus on making the weight now so to be honest I won’t get any time to work on any specifics for Arish.

Ben: Did you have a specific game plan for Carvalho and will that now change due to the change of opponent to Arish?
Mason: I had a very specific game plan for Carvalho which I’ve been working on with my team for 6 weeks and I was fully prepared for what he was going to bring to the table. Arish is stylistically hugely different to Carvalho and with no time to really plan or train specifically for Arish it’s not exactly an ideal scenario. That being said I’m very confident in my skills right now and think I match up well with Arish, I expect it to be an interesting fight.

Ben: Are you pleased that Cage Warriors were able to find you a new opponent at such short notice?
Mason: Yes, I’m truly thankful to Cage Warriors for keeping me with a fight and to find me such a high calibre replacement. Ali Arish has a 19-2 Pro MMA record and is currently ranked #8 in the rankings. I don’t know many people in UK MMA who would take such a tough fight with 6 days notice but there was no way I was going to turn down this opportunity. I really appreciate Ali taking the fight at short notice too as if he didn’t I’d have been without a fight!

Ben: What do you know about your Arish and do you like the new match up?
Mason: Arish has a 19-2 Pro MMA record and is currently ranked #8 in the rankings, and has faced and beat some legit competition. I know his style is very wrestling based but also has powerful hands. Of course this is a tough match up for anyone in the Welterweight division but as I’ve said before I’m very confident in my skills and I think a lot of people will be shocked about how this fight goes down.
Ben: Are you disappointed that you can't fight Carvalho the opponent you had been training to fight? And do you hope you can fight him in the future?
Mason: Of course I’m hugely disappointed that I’m not facing Carvalho, I’ve spent all camp preparing to face him and to have the hard work wasted is very annoying. I’m not entirely sure about the details of why he can’t fight but by all accounts I’ve heard he is a bit of a princess. I honestly don’t think I’d want to commit all that time preparing for him just to see it wasted again so I’d have to give it careful consideration. It’s definitely not something I’m going to be pursuing after I beat Arish that’s for certain.

Ben: How has the camp been?
Mason: Training has been fantastic and I feel like I’ve improved significantly since my last bout.

Ben: You are going to be at the UK MMA Expo this weekend. What day/ time can your fans head over and see you there? If they can't make it to your fight.
Mason: I’ll be on the QNT Sports Nutrition stand (D23) on the Sunday after the fight so please come down and say hello!

Ben: Last time out you fought in the UAE, will it be good to be back and fight in a big arena in Liverpool?
Mason: Fighting on any Cage Warriors event is a privilege and to fight at the Echo Arena in Liverpool is something I am hugely excited for. After 35 professional bouts this will be my first arena show and I can’t wait!

Ben: This card is a massive card for UKMMA have you heard/ felt a buzz for this card that has differed to some of your previous fights?
Mason: Even with some of the last minute pull outs this is one of the best MMA cards to grace UK soil, maybe the best! Yes the buzz for this card is incredible and I expect everyone to be watching and talking about this. I was up in Liverpool last week training with Danny Roberts and the buzz about the show already is huge, the whole city seems to be going to it. Looks like it’s going to be a special event!

Ben: Do you think a win here puts you next in line for a title shot? Or at least in title contention. After all you are already 7-1 in your last 8 fights.
Mason: A win over #8 ranked Arish is a big win and I will be have more wins on Cage Warriors than any other Welterweight including the current champ. I’ll leave that up to Cage Warriors to decide when I’ve earned my shot, I just need to go out and get my job done on Saturday.

Ben: What's going to happen on Saturday night? How do you expect to get the win?
Mason: It will be a surprise!

Ben: Do you want to say thank you to anyone?
Mason: I’d like to thank all my training partners and coaches at BKK Fighters, Tsunami Gym, Ministry of Martial Arts and Laurence Irving Strength & Conditioning for giving up their time to train with me and of course my girlfriend and family. Without these people in my life I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to my sponsors, please check out their websites and follow them on Twitter:

·                        @BritishF1ghter
·                                    @QNTUK
·                             @FUNKYGUMS
·                                @LI_Strength
·                         @BlankMMAUK

Thanks very much to Kingdom MMA for the interview, it was a pleasure.
If you’d like to keep updated on my training and future fights then please check out my website and follow me on Twitter @JackStoneMason

Kingdom MMA would like to thank Jack for his time in answering all of our questions the week before his fight. As he mentioned he will be fighting on the Cage Warriors 57 event in Liverpool on Saturday night but if you can't make it to see him fight he will also be at the QNT Sports Nutrition stand at the UK MMA Expo on Sunday.

Leeroy Barnes is ready to put a dent in the Cage Warriors Middleweight Division

Kingdom MMA Caught up with Leeroy Barnes before his Cage Warriors 57 fight

by Tom Rooney @oldmanrooney

Tom Rooney talks to Leeroy Barnes ahead of his clash with Frenchman Norman Paraisy at Cage Warriors 57 in Liverpool’s Echo Arena on Saturday night, his first fight for the promotion in almost six years.

The landscape of the European MMA scene is now almost unrecognisable in comparison to when Leeroy Barnes (12-10-0-1) last fought in a Cage Warriors show at CWFC-Enter the Rough House 4 in Nottingham back in October 2007, where he was on the wrong end of a unanimous decision loss to Peter McGurk.

Since then he has had mixed fortunes fighting for numerous promotions across the UK and Europe, but now that he’s back fighting under the Cage Warriors banner, he couldn’t be happier, particularly being on the main card, and is impressed with the changes in the promotion under the stewardship of Graham Boylan.
“The promotion has undergone a huge change since 2007 and has become the top promotion in Europe under the new guidance of Graham Boylan. It's an honour to be on such a stacked fight card on such a big promotion full stop. I honestly didn't think I would make the main card but I have and I'm going to put a performance on that deserves its place.”

Barnes, 28, inked a five-fight, 18-month exclusive deal with Cage Warriors back in May, and is on a two-fight win streak, the last of which was a submission victory over Steve Watson via guillotine less than a minute into the first round at BAMMA 12, this past March. He has been matched with Paraisy, whose last fight ended in a majority draw against ex-champion Chris Fields at Cage Warriors 55 in Dublin. Barnes has been working harder than ever and is confident he’ll have too much for the Frenchman.
“My camp has been excellent; I've been sparring with the Next Gen lads Danny Roberts, Ste Dinsdale and Chris Fishgold as we are all on the same card and there has been a really good vibe. I've not worked on anything different just the same stuff, trying to improve every day. I've just made sure that my cardio is unbelievable as I'm going to set a pace he has never seen before."
“I don't think it’s any specific areas I'm better than him at. My striking is definitely better than his but I think I'm just the better athlete. I'm faster, more explosive, more flexible and fitter and I'll be far more relaxed on the night.... ultimately that’s what will win me this fight.”
Many pundits and fans alike felt that Paraisy was very lucky to come away with a draw against Fields, having gassed in the latter stages of the fight, particularly in the final round. Barnes says that training in the MMA Academy, Liverpool, he is in the best shape of his life and plans to overwhelm his opponent with sheer intensity.
“I completely have the edge in cardio, my fitness and cardio is the best it's ever been. I will be starting fast and I will be pushing a pace he will not cope with.”

For all intents and purposes this is a hometown fight for Barnes and he is excited about putting on a show for the Liverpool fans, as well as being eager to repay the faith Cage Warriors have placed in him. He has given little thought to what ramifications a win will have on his place in the rankings.
“I've fought in nearly every major Arena in the UK from the Manchester M.E.N. to London Wembley but no I've never fought at the Echo in fact this is the first major MMA show at the Echo and it's going to be great to be part of that. I've trained my whole career in Liverpool, so it's going to be special to fight there. Of course the support helps me, I have amazing support and it drives me to repay their belief with great performances."
“Cage Warriors have already told me they see me as being in the top end of their middle weight division and the fact they are promoting a fight with Paraisy as my first fight in a five fight deal shows that. I really appreciate their belief and I'm turning up to prove them nothing but right."
“I don't even want to think about where the win will place me; I'm just focused on the fight and the process of winning. I would like to thank my sponsors, coaches and training partners, I would also like to say a special thank you to my manager Chris from Elite MMA Agency for always having my back.”

Monday, 15 July 2013

Injury forces changes to Saturdays Cage Warriors 57 card

Cage Warriors 57 makes enforced changes to fight card on less than a weeks notice

by Ben Heather @benheather

Unfortunately the Cage Warriors 57 fight card has had a couple of late enforced changes due to late changes. Cage Warriors 57 will be taking place in Liverpool's Echo Arena on Saturday night.

The changes can be viewed below.

Main Card
Danny Roberts will now take on Aldric Cassata (6-5), who replaces the injured Mauro Chimento.
Jack Mason now faces Ali Arish (19-2) instead of Bruno Carvalho.
A new opponent is currently being sought for Mats Nilsson following the withdrawal of Lee Chadwick due to injury.

Jason Cooledge (8-4) steps in for the injured Lew Long to take on Saul Rogers.

As soon as details come out regarding Mats Nilsson's new opponent we will keep you all up to date.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ronnie Mann Meets Jose Luis Zapater at Cage Warriors 57

Ronnie Mann Meets Jose Luis Zapater at Cage Warriors 57
by Chris Houten - @kingdomMMAChris

Top 5 UK bantamweight Ronnie Mann will make his Cage Warriors debut against Spanish star Jose Luis Zapater at Cage Warriors 57.

A veteran of Cage Rage, Sengoku, and most recently Bellator, Mann (21-6-1) recently signed an exclusive 5 fight deal with Cage Warriors, having had his contract bought by Cage Warriors from  Bellator, where he amassed a 3-3 record, with all 3 losses coming by decision including a loss to Featherweight Champion Pat Curran.
“This fight means a lot to me as I’m fighting at home in the UK again for the first time in five years. I’m excited to be back in front of the British fans and I want to do UK MMA proud,” said Mann.

“Like myself, my opponent brings a lot of experience to the table so I think it will be an excellent fight. He’s a good all-rounder but I don’t think his skills will match my technical ability.”
His opponent, 36-year old Zapater (17-9) will also be making his Cage Warriors debut at Cage Warriors 57. Having fought on the European MMA scene for over 10 years, Zapater has an impressive 11 finishes in 17 wins (7 by submission, 4 by TKO) and has a 9-2 record in his last 11 fights.
Zapater said: “I’m very excited about fighting on this show in such a magnificent arena. My opponent is very tough and skilled but I’m looking forward to the challenge it will bring.”

Cage Warriors 57 takes place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on the 20th of July and is headline by Paul Daley vs Lukasz Chlewicki. Tickets are still available though

Stay tuned to for all the latest on Cage Warriors 57

Friday, 14 June 2013

Jack Mason's opponent at Cage Warriors 57 now announced

Jack Mason vs Bruno Carvalho added to Cage Warriors 57

by Ben Heather @benheather

(Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors)
After Jack Mason (24-11) defeated Collin Reuter in the main event at Cage Warriors Fight Night 8 last month he told Kingdom MMA he wanted to fight on Cage Warriors 57, the thought of being able to fight at an arena like the Echo Arena in Liverpool really appealed to him.

Now it has been announced he will be fighting on the Cage Warriors 57 fight card and will make his 10th Cage Warriors appearance of his career. Last year he made the decision to drop from middleweight to welterweight and since then has not looked back.

The 30-year-old Englishman has won all of his last four bouts and seven of his last eight, the most recent of which saw him secure a unanimous decision win over Collin Reuter in the main event at CWFC Fight Night 8 last month in Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. His only disappointment that night was not being able to finish Reuter.

Mason who is now ranked 11th in the UK rankings and is loving fighting at welterweight recently spoke to Cage Warriors to talk about his upcoming fight.
Mason said: “I’m thrilled to be facing Bruno Carvalho in Liverpool. He’s been highly-ranked on the European scene for a very long time so it’s a hugely exciting match-up for me.

“Beating Carvalho is going to put me right up there in the rankings and vying for title contention. He called me out after my last two fights and he’s now been granted his wish. All I have to say to him is be careful what you wish for.”
Carvalho (15-6) fights for the first time since March, when he rebounded from a loss to Cathal Pendred by seeing off the challenge of Steve Dinsdale by second-round TKO at Cage Warriors 52 in London.
A Brazilian fighter currently based in Sweden, 31-year-old Carvalho is a BJJ black belt who holds victories over former KSW middleweight champion Vitor Nobrega, Dream veteran Tatsuya Mizuno, former Pride middleweight Jean-Francois Lenogue and The Ultimate Fighter 11 contestant Kyacey Uscola.
“I think this is a good match-up for me. I’m looking forward to making a statement and showing everyone that I’m on top of this division,” said Carvalho.

“I won’t need to study my opponent because I train every day with top guys who are stronger than him in all ranges. I’ll stop this fight in the second round at the latest.”
The fact that Jack Mason was in the main event in his last fight for Cage Warriors and is now only the second fight of the main card as it stands shows the level of quality, calibre of fighters and great matchmaking which Cage Warriors are putting on its shows. With recent shows being held in Scotland, Wales, UAE and Ireland it really solidifies that Cage Warriors is not only the best British promotion but in my opinion he best in Europe.

Cage Warriors are still to announce some fights for Cage Warriors 57 so keep checking Kingdom MMA for the latest news on this fight card. The current card can be seen below.

Lukasz Chlewicki v Paul Daley
Ronnie Mann v TBA
Mauro Chimento v Danny Roberts
Bruno Carvalho v Jack Mason
Lee Chadwick v Mats Nilsson

Chris Fishgold v Marcin Wrzosek
Mohsen Bahari v Matt Inman
Lewis Long v Saul Rogers

Paraisy v Barnes Set for Cage Warriors 57

Paraisy v Barnes Set for Cage Warriors 57
by Chris Houten - @KingdomMMAChris

French Middleweight Norman Paraisy will meet new signed Leeroy Barnes at Cage Warriors 57 at Liverpool's Echo Arena in July, in Barnes' Cage Warriors Debut.

Paraisy (11-2-1) a 3 time Bellator vet, and TUF 11 contestant, will be making a swift return to the cage against Barnes having fought on Cage Warriors most recent card, Cage Warriors 55 in Dublin, where he fought former CW Middleweight Champion Chris Fields to a draw.
“I’m really excited to be fighting on this amazing card and in a fantastic venue like the Echo Arena,” said Paraisy.

“Only Cage Warriors can keep fighters busy like this. I’m very much looking forward to putting on a show in Liverpool."
Ranked as one of the UK’s top 15 middleweights Barnes (12-10-1) who recently signed an exclusive five-fight deal with Cage Warriors, has taken all 12 of his victories by stoppage including a submission victory over Matt Ewin.
The 28-year old from Blackpool said "Paraisy is awesome and I know this, but it’s about time people started giving me the credit I’m due as a middleweight.

“Cage Warriors believe in me enough to put this fight on and I’ll prove them right. Paraisy is tailor-made for me so this is a fight I can shine in. I’ll put him away.”
Stay tuned to Kingdom MMA for more on Cage Warriors 57

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Paul Daley gets his wish, will headline Cage Warriors 57

Paul Daley will headline Cage Warriors 57 against Lukasz Chlewicki

by Ben Heather @benheather

(Photo: Huw Fairclough)
 Paul Daley (32-12-2) has his wish, after recently posting on his Facebook account that he was becoming frustrated that Bellator wouldn't let him fight. Today it was announced that he has a fight lined up.
Daley's return is set to happen on July 20th in at Cage Warriors 57, where he will fight in the main event against Polish fighter Lukasz Chlewicki. Cage Warriors 57 which takes place at Liverpool's Echo Arena will also feature Ronnie Mann's first fight for Cage Warriors since signing his exclusive contract. Daley last fought for Cage Warriors in July 2008 where he beat Bojan Kosednar via first round KO and will now return almost exactly five years to the day later.

Daley fought three times for the UFC including a first round TKO victory over Martin Kampmann in his UFC debut. After his stint in the UFC Daley ended up in Strikeforce where he challenged Nick Diaz for the Strikeforce welterweight title in April 2011. That fight is one of the best one round MMA fights you will ever see in MMA and our very own @KingdomMMAChris listed it as his favourite fight of all time.

Daley who was born in London but is now based in Nottingham has 23 T/KO victories on his record and has overcome the likes of John Alessio, Duane Ludwig and Martin Kampmann during his 10-year professional career.
“I’m excited to be fighting back in the UK again and back at Cage Warriors, which is Europe’s premier show,” Daley told Cage Warriors. 
“I pretty much started my career here and it’s great to see how the promotion has grown. I’m happy to be part of it and I can’t wait to entertain all my supporters.”
Daley will face a tough test from Chlewicki (10-2), whose only loss in his last 11 bouts came at the hands of UFC star Demian Maia back in December 2005. Since then he has remained unbeaten in nearly eight years however, that may look better than it is as he took a five year break from the sport. The 34 year old judo black belt returned in 2010 and has remained unbeaten since.
Chlewicki told Cage Warriors: “Taking on one of the best guys in the world, this is the kind of fight I’ve been waiting for. This will be a massive challenge for me, especially in front of his fans, but that won’t affect me at all and I’ll be prepared."
“I want to thank Cage Warriors for giving me this opportunity. On July 20 I’ll prove that they made a good choice.”
Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan added:
“I’m looking forward to a fantastic main event in Liverpool on July 20 and I’d like to thank Bellator for their co-operation in allowing Paul Daley to compete for Cage Warriors.”
Cage Warriors have announced that many more Cage Warriors 57 fights are still to be announced so we will keep you all up to date as and when they get announced.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

UK Veteran Leeroy Barnes Signs with Cage Warriors

Leeroy Barnes Signs Multi-fight deal with Cage Warriors
By Chris Houten - @kingdomMMAChris

UK Veteran Leeroy Barnes has signed a 5 fight deal with Europe's top MMA promotion Cage Warriors, and will make his debut for the promotion at July's Cage Warriors 57 in July.

Kingdom MMA caught up with Barnes (12-10) earlier in the day to discuss the deal:
"Cage Warriors are only signing the top guys in Europe to exclusive deals right now. The fact they offered me this contract shows they consider me to be on this level, I take that as a challenge to prove them right.
I'm really excited to make my debut in Liverpool the city I've trained in for my whole MMA career and let's face Cage Warriors needed somebody as handsome as me in the middle weight division Since Danny Roberts dropped to welterweight"
Hailing from Blackpool, fan favourite Barnes who has fought for Bamma and Made 4 the Cage, has finished all 12 of the opponents he has beaten, and joins Tom Breese, as well  asTUF Smashes Bola Omoyele, Luke Newman, and Valentino Petrescu as the latest addition tof the growing, talent filled roster.

Barnes' opponent for Cage Warriors 57 is yet to be confirmed.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cage Warriors to return to Liverpool

Cage Warriors 57 to take place in the Echo Arena Liverpool on July 20th

by Ben Heather @benheather

Cage Warriors officials announced today that it will be returning to Liverpool for the first time in seven years. Cage Warriors 57 will take place in the Echo Arena, Liverpool. A 12,000 seat arena which hasn't hosted a show since Cage Warriors 21 in 2006.

Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan is promising to deliver something special to CWFC fans in Liverpool. Boylan said: “Over the last couple of years we’ve been inundated with messages from fans looking for Cage Warriors to come to Liverpool. We’re delighted to be doing so on July 20 and it’s a privilege to be going to a fantastic venue like the Echo Arena."

“There’s a massive appetite for MMA in Liverpool and we’ll be bringing something special there this summer. Cage Warriors 57 will be a stacked card and as well as having top fighters from all over the world on the bill, we’ll also have some of Liverpool’s best, like Chris Fishgold and Danny Roberts.”

With several Liverpool based fighters recently having been released by the UFC, I would say it is quite likely that one may fight on this card. Cage Warriors 57 will be the fifth event of 2013.

Tickets for the Cage Warriors 57 event will go on sale tomorrow, with fight card details to be released in the future.

Keep checking KingdomMMA for the latest updates on the Cage Warriors 57 fight card and all the latest news from the world of MMA.


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