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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

30 Bold Predictions for 2015

30 Bold Predictions for 2015

by Chris Houten - @ChrisHoutenMMA

2014 has been a funny old year. Who would have predicted TJ Dillashaw would defeat "the monster" that is Renan Barao, or that CM Punk would be a UFC fighter? Did you think Rampage Jackson would resign with the UFC, and would you have guessed Ronda Rousey would have knocked out both of her opponents in 2014? Nope, me neither.

At the end of last year I made 30 bold predictions for 2014, some which were right such as: At least 3 of the current Cage Warriors champions fight in the UFC in 2014, Norman Parke remains undefeated in the UFC in 2014, and Cain Velasquez doesn't fight in 2014 due to injury. I also made some which were wrong like: The UFC will finally sign Mamed Kalidov, he will likely headline the promotions visit to Poland, but I guess that's hindsight for you.

Again I will attempt to look into my crystal ball and give 30 bold predictions which I think could come true in 2015. Agree of disagree? Head over to our facebook page and join in the discussions.

  1. Eddie Alverez loses to Benson Henderson in January. He will make the move to featherweight before the end of 2015.
  2. Frank Mir loses to Antonio Bigfoot Silva, the fight will be his last as he announces his retirement shortly after.
  3. Rousimar Palhares rejoins the UFC.
  4. At least 5 Brits are cut from the UFC in 2015.
  5. At least 4 of the current 5 Cage Warriors champions will be signed by the UFC in 2015.
  6. Conor McGregor will finish 2015 as a lightweight.
  7. Rampage Jackson does not fight in 2015 with a legal battle between the fighter and Bellator keeping him out of action.  
  8. Khabib Numagomedov wins the UFC Lightweight title.
  9. At least one major promotion goes out of business in 2015.
  10. Ronda Rousey's upcoming book, entitled "My Fight/Your Fight." will be a number 1 best seller in the US upon release.
  11. The UFC announces The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs New Zealand, Mark Hunt and Soa Palelei will act as coaches.
  12. Cain Velasquez is unable to return in 2015 and is stripped of his title. Fabricio Werdum is promoted to the undisputed champion. 
  13. Chris Fields fights for and wins the BAMMA Middleweight title.
  14. There will be 3 to 5 different champions in the UFC by the end of 2015. The only champions who definitely remain champion are Esparza, Johnson, Aldo and Jones.
  15. Dan Hardy makes his UFC return in 2015, at lightweight.
  16. Rashad Evans beats Glover Teixeira but drops to Middleweight before the end of 2015.
  17. Cung Le is allowed to leave the UFC, he signs for ONE FC.
  18. Jon Jones cleans out the Light-Heavyweight division in 2015 which prompts the UFC to book Jones in a Heavyweight title shot on the 2016 Superbowl weekend card.
  19. Scott Coker attends Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2014, he later announces the signings of Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop.
  20. Both Paul Daley and Liam McGeary win Bellator titles in 2015 prompting the promotion to book a UK show. 
  21. The UFC will raid BAMMA signing Pietro Menga, Tom DuQuesnoy and Mansour Barnaoui.
  22. Metamoris will sign a deal with UFC Fight Pass. Nick Diaz will feature on one of their 2015 shows.
  23. Henry Cejudo wins 4 times in 2015 setting up a UFC title shot for the start of 2016.
  24. Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping meet later in the year at a UFC show in the UK after both fighters lose their next fights.  
  25. UFC Fight Pass streams the 2015 British Open Judo Championships. Ronda Rousey will be heavily involved with the event participating in a exhibition match.
  26. Rob Sinclair returns to action in 2015 taking a tune up fight with BAMMA before making his Bellator debut.
  27. MMA is legalised in France.
  28. Lyoto Machida fights for the UFC Middleweight title again in 2015.
  29. Arnold Allen will square off against Alex Enlund in 2015, the winner will be signed by the UFC.
  30. KSW 32 will be one of the biggest cards in the UK in 2015 but will fail commercially.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The 10 Worst UFC Walkout Shirts of 2014

The 10 Worst UFC Walkout Shirts of 2014

by Chris Houten - @ChrisHoutenMMA 

With 2014 drawing to a close, MMA websites will be filled with "best knockout of the year" awards, "best submissions of the year" lists etc. etc. Sure they are fun and Kingdom MMA will certainly be honouring the men and women who kicked ass in 2014 over the next couple of days however we thought we would do something different and look back at the worst walkout shirts seen in the UFC in 2014.

I apologise in advance if any of your loved ones have surprised you with one of these beauties this Christmas - Happy Holidays!

10. Miesha Tate - UFC Fight Night 52 Affliction Walkout T-Shirt (Mens) 

Up first on our top 10, one of two entries from Affliction. First, the men's edition of Miesha 'Cupcake' Tate's UFC Fight Night 52 walkout t-shirt. Notorious for outlandish t-shirts, Tate' $57 Affliction tee has been styled with a cupcake inside of what resembles the label on a Jack Daniels bottle - why, oh why!

9. Francisco Rivera - UFC 170 Cage Fighter Embrace the Grind Walkout T-Shirt

Just when you thought you could rest easy knowing foil printing on MMA shirts died with Silver Star and Xtreme Couture, Cage Fighters bring you the Francisco Rivera signature t-shirt. Yes, you heard right, Francisco Rivera signature t-shirt. Featuring the company's 'Embrace the Grind' motif, this beauty which was seen on the back of Rivera at UFC 170 is a green t-shirt with a red foil Aztec warrior design wrapped around the neck. Very Christmassy!

8. Johny Hendricks - UFC 181 Reebok ZQUICK Walkout T-Shirt 

If this Johny Hendricks number is what we can expect from Reebok next year, MMA fans should be worried. Of all the colours in the world Reebok decided to style Hendricks in orange! The shirt has been finished off with the words #ReebokZQuick on the front - just in case you want to tweet it, and a silhouette of the famous Hendricks beard on the side. Last time I looked not a single MMA fan had tweeted #ReebokZQuick...Great campaign Reebok.

7. Benson Henderson - UFC on FOX 10 Dethrone Walkout T-Shirt

2014 has been a great year for Dethrone, thanks to their Ready Collection, a line which has been styled on Irish sensation Connor McGregor. It's safe to say the popularity of this line which features a fighting Irish stick man proves Dethrone designers have got it right with this line. Shame the same can't be said for this Benson Henderson's walkout tee. Know as the ''Samurion" there is nothing "Smooth" about Henderson's UFC of Fox 10 walkout T-shirt which featured a lion decked out in samurai headgear on the front. We've had lions and we've had samurais (see below) but never samurai lions - well done Dethrone!
6. Frankie Edgar - UFC Fight Night 57Affliction Walkout T-Shirt

Affliction's second entry on our list is Frankie Edgar's UFC Fight Night 57 walkout t-shirt. If like me when you think Frankie Edgar you don't think of sword wheeling skeleton samurais, you will probably have the same WTF look on your face as I do right now.

5. Lyoto Machida - UFC 175 Venum Tatsu King T-Shirt 

Looking like something a Triad biker would pick up at a 90s flee market in the deep south of America, Lyoto Machida's Venum UFC 175 Tatsu King t-shirt is truly awful. Embosed with a tacky Chinatown dragon I can't help but feel even Venum knew this t-shirt was crap which is why they made this fine garment limited edition.

4. Josh Barnett - Metamoris 4 Newaza Walkout T-Shirt

If you like death metal I guess this is cool, maybe. Look I get it, Barnett is the Warmaster and he likes really, really, hard rock music but how stereotypical can you get. You'd expect much more from "legendary" comic book illustrator Dan Panosian.

3. Dan Henderson - UFC Fight Night 38 Custom Walkout T-Shirt

To think this t-shirt was the winning entry in a contest to design Dan Henderson's UFC Fight Night 38 walkout t-shirt makes me wonder if anyone else even entered. It's safer to say winning designer Robert Davis from Oklahoma won't be getting any more work soon. Featuring the in-famous Michael Bisping knockout silhouette and a US flag. To Davis' credit though, this isn't even the worst t-shirt Henderson has worn this year...

2. Dan Henderson - UFC 173 Believe Walkout T-Shirt  

Dan Henderson is either too busy being a God damn freight train to care about what he wears to the cage, or he literally designed and printed this t-shirt himself. A stereotypical Hendo walkout tee featuring the Bisping knockout silhouette and a US flag this t-shirt looks like something banged together in MS Paint. Slapped with the words "believe" embossed in a cheap font I just can't understand why anyone would buy this, other than the fact that Hendo is a mother trucking American hero of course. Believe in...?

1. Tim Boetsch - UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. St. Preux T-Shirt

Thankfully this t-shirt never actually went on sale as it is possibly the worst walkout tee I have ever seen. Looking like a Power Rangers t-shirt that went horribly wrong, this lightening bolt shirt wouldn't be out of place at a early 90s acid rave. To Boetsch's credit it does attract the eye (not in a good way) so you can see the leading sponsor blazed across his chest. It's got something to do with wedding photo books or something - very MMA. Clever marketing, I guess.

So there you have it what he think are the 10 worst UFC Walkout T-shirts of 2014. Disagree, think some of these are the epitome of cool or do you know of worst t-shirt that we we downright stupid to leave off? Head over to our Facebook page now and let us know.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Contender Promotions announce competitors for 2015 USA world grand prix

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Contender promotions have confirmed the 4 fighters that will compete in the world 4 man GP tournament in North America. With the first scheduled semi finals to take place February 21st by way of Valor Fights promotion.

Contender Promotions is working in association with Valor Fights to bring you the very best of the USA K-1 un scoped talent, itching for that next level step. Please check out the competitors stepping up and facing combat under Contender Promotions K-1 rules.

Semi Final number 1 is a throw down between Nick "haymaker" Baker hailing from Morristown Tennessee. The former Valor middleweight champion. Standing in his way of progression is
"The Bosnian barn cat" Damir Ferhatbegovic.

Ferhatbegovic hails from Knoxville Tennessee and is the current Valor middleweight champion.
This is set to be a battle of wills and an execution of skills to reach the final.
Semi Final number 2 sees DJ Miller of Nashville Tennessee, the Current WAKO North American champion and highly decorated fighter take on "the prodigy" Joey Mullin. Mullin is the Current Valor Ranked No1 and Current Valor welterweight champion. This has main event written all over it, and will be clash of the titans looking to stamp their mark and progress to the final mid 2015.

The Final will be held mid 2015 with the champion making their UK debut late 2015 in Middlesbrough England fighting under Contender Promotions  K-1 rules.
February 28th sees Middlesbrough as the selected town for another Contender Promotions fight night. Headlining as the Main event is a Title Battle between Thomas "the destroyer" Daniel vs Jack "the gentleman" Layton. 

Also on the card are 3 selected fighters from around the globe to take part in the world 4 man tournament, with the 4th fighter being selected from Ireland, Dublin Fightstar hunt tryouts are set to take place on January 17th.

The Contender Promotions team end 2014 on a strong note as they received an award from superkombat for best promoter tryouts of the year 2014. They would like to thank you for all your support through 2014 and promise to bring you a bigger 2015.

A BIG knockout Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from everyone at Team Contender Promotions

Friday, 19 December 2014


By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

A professional featherweight MMA bout is the latest fight to be added to Warrior Fight Series 2 on February 21st in Kent as Daniel Crawford and Theo Michailidis battle it out for the inaugural 145lb crown.

Crawford fights out of New Wave Academy alongside the likes of Alex Montagnani and Max Nunes and brings with him a record of 4-0. Although he is primarily known for his ferocious striking style, he is infact coming off a win in his last fight at Phoenix FN early this month via arm triangle choke.

Theo “300” Michailidis fights out of Team Titan alongside the likes of Brad Pickett and Bola Omoyele and brings with him a record of 6-3. He too is known for his striking with his recent victory earlier this month going viral as he landed a spinning elbow at BCMMA.

The Warrior Fight Series 2 card looks like this so far:

Pro Heavyweight title
Mike Neun vs Lucasz Parobiec
Welterweight Unified Amateur Rules
Mark Harris vs James Reedman
Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Chris Hill vs Zeki Faulds
Featherweight Unified Amateur Rules
Tanvier Boora Vs Gregor Jurcic
Welterweight Unified Amateur Rules
Nick Manik Vs Patrick Kavanagh
Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Ben Linihan Vs John Reid

EXCLUSIVE Interview: TUF 20's Joanne Calderwood talks UFC debut fight, TUF 20 house & the future

By Chris Marzella @ChrisMarzella


WITH an official UFC debut under her belt, Jojo Calderwood is gunning for the rest of the women's strawweight division and she doesn't care who's next.

The Scot - coming off a stint on The Ultimate Fighter series 20 and a crack at becoming the first UFC 115lbs champion - made her debut in Las Vegas last weekend and she was left beaming at her first UFC fight week.

Speaking to Kingdom MMA, Jojo said: "It was an awesome experience. The whole week was really cool and I was really confident. I was really happy and excited for the fight and it went awesome. I performed and I got the win, so the whole experience was great."

Calderwood shone as she dominated against the tough South Korean Seo Hee Ham as she scooped a unanimous decision to seal her place as the first Scottish woman to pick up a UFC win.

She said: "I just go in there a see what happens and obviously my coach, James Doolan, had done some research on Seo Hee Ham. He knew she was going to be a game fighter and it was going to be a good fight.

"We knew she was a southpaw as well so we just went in and worked on a few things. We knew she had quite a good right hand. I went in and let all my training go to work and getting the win was the main goal.

"I was quite happy. I'll fight anyone but one of the cast (of TUF 20) was out with injury and I was quite pleased not to get anyone from the house. I had to see them at the show and stuff. Now, after the show, I don't need to see any of them until I need to fight them."

Despite getting her big break as a result of the hit reality series, Calderwood admits that the Ultimate Fighter house is not something that she will miss. Trapped in a house with fellow title hopefuls and dealing with the drama is something she can live without.

 "The house was a bit of a nightmare. I don't regret anything and I survived it, but I didn't enjoy it. But it was the experience of a life time and I was grateful to get the opportunity to do it. Said Calderwood.

"Now this is where I want to be, I want to be in the UFC, so it's kind of got me here.

"I would say it's more for up and coming fighters or fighters that like the reality side of things and attention. Me, as a fighter, I don't like any of that so I didn't enjoy it. But I was really grateful for the opportunity to be part of it and it was a historic moment being an all female cast."

Not one to stand back and admire her handy work, Calderwood is already back in the gym and gearing towards her next fight. Hot off the heels of a massive debut in Las Vegas Calderwood was back training at Glasgow's Griphouse gym on Monday.

Jojo said: "I like to stay busy as a fighter so I'm hoping the UFC has me back out in the next few months. I just need to wait and see if they want me out so soon but I'm ready. I've got no injuries and I'm back training already and I'm already hoping I've got another fight lined up but I need to wait and see and keep my fingers crossed but I'm hoping it'll be in the next few months.

"I'll take whoever they offer me. That's their job. They set the fights up so I just wait and see who they give me and that'll be the girl that I'm facing next. As for picking anyone, all of the girls in the division are dangerous and talented fighters so I'm happy to fight them all."

With Carla Esparza notching the UFC title, and the subsequent rankings being released, Calderwood finds herself handily sitting in sixth. In a talent rich division with plenty of outstanding potential match ups, The Scot is happy to take on all comers, saying:

 "I don't really bother with the rankings but I know a lot of people think I should be higher. I'm not like 'I should be higher, I should be this number or that number'. I'd rather just fight whoever is above me or whoever I need to fight to get to the title and prove it that way.

"The rankings, especially in MMA, don't really matter, so I'm quite happy if I need to fight everyone above me. That means more fights for me so I'm quite happy."

As the second Scot to step foot in the octagon, Calderwood remains optimistic about the prospects of more of her compatriots emulating her achievement.

"There's a few really talented team mates of mine that are more than deserving of an opportunity to fight in the UFC" she said.

"The UFC may be coming to Scotland next year, so I'm hoping that they get on the card and we put on a good show and the UFC come when they're ready. It'll be awesome, especially if my team mates get on the card."

With a rumoured Scottish card in the works, Calderwood is eager to forge ahead and get a fight closer to home for a change. She hasn't fought on British soil since she sensationally knocked out Sally Krumdiack back at Cage Warriors 53 in April 2013.

She said: "I know they are thinking about it, and I know they'll come when they're ready. The UFC don't want to put on just any show, they want to put on a good card.

"It would be awesome to fight in my hometown. I haven't fought here for two years now and it's expensive for flights out to America and that's where I've been fighting so most of my family and friends haven't been able to come over to America. They've had to stay up late and watch me. It would be awesome to repay them and let them support me live. It would be cool just to say the UFC has come to Scotland and that I was part of it."

With her first win in the books it's certain that we will be seeing much more of Jojo in the octagon and with any luck she will get to fulfill her dream of bringing the UFC to Scotland in 2015.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Jack Grant Vs. Warren Kee added to the BAMMA 18 Prelims‏

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

                                                     Credit: BAMMA/Richard Blackburn

BAMMA have today announced a lightweight battle for the BAMMA 18 prelims as Jack Grant clashes with Warren 'Relentless' Kee at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre 21st February 2015.

Jack Grant holds a professional record of 7-2-0 with 6 first round victories and a history against solid competition. Jack Grant fights out of the Fight Ministry, Grimsby and is looking to bounce back from his last performance at BAMMA 16 where he lost a decision to Alexei ‘Boom’ Roberts.

Jack said: "I don't think Bamma have had the pleasure of seeing my 'A' game. Mistakes made in 2014 and lessons learnt. The dynamic offensive style will be there next year but behind a much more measured and controlled Jack Grant."

"I'm not going to dwell on my last performance and I ask not to be judged on it! I'm looking forward to fighting anyone that's put in front of me next year and I can promise that I will show what I'm capable of."

One of BAMMAs most recent signings, Warren Kee has a pro record of 7-3 and was Last seen in a BAMMA cage at BAMMA 11 where he faced Tom Breese for the Lonsdale British Title. Kee is from Cambridge and trains out of Tsunami Gym (Home of Former BAMMA Star Luke 'Bigslow' Barnatt), Elite TC and KVT.

On his first bout on the new contract Kee said:

"The fight is signed and Jack Grant is my opponent on BAMMA 18, he looks a good well rounded fighter so I am looking forward to the 21st February showdown, it's my hand that will be raised in victory on the night."

You can follow Jack Grant & Warren Kee on Twitter at @JackGrantMMA @RelentlessWK & @BAMMA

Sam Alvey vs Cezar Ferreira & Rustam Khabilov vs Adriano Martins added to UFC Fight Night 61

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Two more bouts have been added to the UFC first trip to Brazil in 2015.

Sam Alvey (24-6) is set to meet Brazil’s Cezar Ferreira (8-3) in a middleweight bout, whilst lightweights Rustam Khabilov (17-2)  and Adriano Martins (26-7) will also collide.

UFC Fight Night 61 takes place on Sunday, Feb. 22,at Gigantinho Gymnasium in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The main card is expected to air on FOX Sports 1 following prelims on FOX Sports 1(BT Sport in the UK)  and UFC Fight Pass. Brazil’s Glover Teixeira (22-4), will meet former champion Rashad Evans (19-3-1) in the scheduled headliner.

Alvey, a former MFC middleweight champion, made his UFC debut earlier this year dropping a unanimous decision to Brit Tom Watson at UFC Fight Night 47 in Maine. He rebounded in November, though, with a first-round knockout of Dylan Andrews in Andrews’ home country of Australia for his first UFC win.

Ferreira, the middleweight winner of the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil,” won his first three UFC bouts before suffering a shock 39-second knockout loss to C.B. Dollaway in March in front of his own home fans in Brazil. He later bounced back in June at UFC Fight Night 44 with a decision victory over Andrew Craig in Texas.

Rustam Khabilov had his six-fight winning streak snapped in June when he was submitted in the fourth round by Benson Henderson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 42. It was the first stoppage loss of his career and before that, he won his first three fights in the UFC, including a “Fight of the Night” decision over Jorge Masvidal in November 2013.

Martins bounced back in July at the TUF 19 Finale with a “Performance of the Night” knockout of Juan Puig. That put him back in the win column after a head kick knockout loss to Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 10 in January, a loss that saw a six-fight winning streak snapped.

So far, the UFC Fight Night 61 card looks like this:

Rashad Evans vs. Glover Teixeira

Sam Alvey vs. Cezar Ferreira

Rustam Khabilov vs. Adriano Martins

Three fights you DO NOT want to miss this weekend

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

This weekend plays host to the final UFC fight card of the year as Lyoto Machida takes on C.B Dolloway in Barueri, Brazil. Former bantamweight champion Renan Barao also features in the co-main event against Mitch Gagnon as he looks to end 2014 on a good note following a disastrous year.

Here are the three fights you DO NOT want to miss from the card.

Lyoto Machida (21-5) vs C.B Dolloway (15-5)

The main event may be a pretty obvious inclusion this week. In actual fact, many believe this could end up being a boring affair due to Machida's elusive style and Dolloway's decision winning percentage whilst others believe it will be a walk in the park for Machida due to his skill set. Dolloway previously upset Francis Carmont in his last fight so don't be so quick to rule out that happening again. For Machida, this fight is a test for him to see if he can get back up to being a contender in the Middleweight division as now, there are arguably three to four guys ahead of him in the pecking order and he's not getting any younger. For Dolloway, a win would present a huge scalp for the massive underdog and ultimately propel him to a fight with one of the big contenders in the division. This fight will surprise people and light up the card.

Renan Barao (32-2) vs Mitch Gagnon (12-2)

Much like the main event, this co-main event has a heavy favourite and huge underdog. This is clearly down to the fact that Barao is the former bantamweight champion looking to end a very rough 2014 and many believe Gagnon is being fed to the wolves. Of course that's believable as credentials would suggest Barao is light years ahead of Gagnon but we've seen this scenario plenty times before in the UFC. Yes Barao is the former champ, a killer and a finisher but Gagnon also brings a finishing pedigree to the table, with a four fight winning streak and 11 of his 12 wins coming via submission it's hard not to give the Canadian a chance. With both fighters being finishers, this one has Fight of the Night all over it and Mitch Gagnon could end up shocking viewers come fight night especially with high stakes on the line for Barao. If he gets carried away can Gagnon take advantage of that? you bet.

Erick Silva (16-5) vs Mike Rhodes (6-3)

This weeks edition of three fights to watch might as well be 'huge mismatches'. On paper maybe that's how the card looks but anything can happen on MMA. This fight is another one where the favourite and underdog are both heavy in their own right. Brazilian Silva has showed promise so far in his UFC career but ultimately keeps on falling against the big names. The booking of this fight would suggest the UFC are desperate to get him on a win streak given Rhodes is 0-2 in his UFC career. Rhodes is a Roufusport product training alongside the likes of Anthony & Sergio Pettis and Ben Askren but has failed to light up the UFC since his arrival and is arguably on his last chance against Silva. A tough feat indeed but not an impossible one. Both fighters are more or less fighting for their UFC careers which makes this one to watch for sure come Saturday night. Cannot see this being boring one bit. Expect these two to come out and put it all on the line in Brazil!          

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

VIDEO: UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier Extended Preview

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

On January 3rd the wait is over, as bitter rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier go head to head for the UFC light heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 182 in Las Vegas. It’s an epic clash of 205-pound superstars who have declared war on one another, and this score will be settled in the Octagon. Plus, Donald the Cowboy Cerrone takes on Myles Jury in a lightweight battle.

VIDEO: UFC 183: Anderson Silva- Itsy Bitsy Spider Promo

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Anderson Silva returns to the Octagon at UFC 183 in January against Nick Diaz. A legend will rise.

VIDEO: UFC 183: Nick Diaz- Don't Be Scared Promo

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Nick Diaz returns to the Octagon in January at UFC 183 to face the legend Anderson Silva. Don't be scared!

VIDEO: 'Notorious' Conor McGregor VEGAS teaser trailer, Jan 26. RTE 2

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

The teaser trailer for the new 'Notorious' documentary has today been released. The full documentary which involves a camera crew following Irish superstar Conor McGregor around before, during and after UFC 178  is set to air Jan 26th on Irish channel RTE 2.

Check the video below for the teaser:

UFC on FOX 14 full card announced

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

The entire UFC on FOX 14 main card has been officially announced today.

The event, which will be headlined by Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson, will take place at the 30,000-seat Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on Jan. 24. If all goes to plan, it will be the second-biggest event in UFC history behind 2011's UFC 129, which drew 55,724 fans.

The main card will air live on FOX at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT/ BT Sport (in the UK& Eire) from 2am

The main card and prelims are listed below in full:

Main card:

Alexander Gustafsson VS Anthony Johnson 
Dan Henderson VS Gegard Mousasi 
Phil Davis VS Ryan Bader 
Akira Corassani VS Sam Sicilia 


Nico Musoke VS Albert Tumenov 
Sultan Aliev VS Kenny Robertson 
Andy Ogle VS Makwan Amirkhani 
Nikita Krylov VS Stanislav Nedkov 
Yan Cabral VS Mairbek Taisumov 
Viktor Pesta VS Konstantin Erokhin 
Mirsad Bektic VS Alan Omer 
Neil Seery VS Chris Beal

Paul Taylor and Callum Cook set to collide in Heavyweight contest on BAMMA 18 prelims

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

                                                  Credit: BAMMA/Richard Blackburn

BAMMA have announced a clash of the heavyweights as Paul "The Titan" Taylor collides with Callum 'Ready Steady' Cook on the BAMMA 18 Prelims at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre 21st February 2015.

Paul "The Titan" Taylor hails from Birmingham and brings a pro record of 8-3 to BAMMA. Training out of ASW, Taylor brings with him an all round game and is currently riding a 4 fight win streak, most recently defeating Rab Truesdale in November. Ahead of the fight he had the following message:

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog"

Callum "Ready steady" Cook fights out Team Fish Tank in Sunderland, under coach Andrew Fisher. With his current pro record standing at 5-1*, Cook likes to explode into a fast pace and wear out his opponents. All his wins have come in the first round.

“Paul is a well-respected Heavyweight and has fought some of the best in the UK. It will be great to step in the cage for the UK's biggest show BAMMA!! It’s a massive step up for me to fight Paul, and being the underdog just makes me more determined”.

You can follow Callum Cook on Twitter at @calreadysteady @BAMMA 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

ONE FC: Dynasty of Champions card now complete

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Asia’s largest mixed martial arts organization with a 90% market share, ONE Fighting Championship™ (ONE FC), has finalized the fight card for ONE FC: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS. The event will be held in partnership with leading events organization IMC Live. The event will feature a clash of two top lightweights as Ariel Sexton meets Willy Ni. Michal Pasternak will also put his undefeated record on the line when he takes on Rafael Silva from Portugal. Four of the top flyweights in China will also compete in a four-man, one-night tournament.




CEO of ONE Fighting Championship™, Victor Cui, stated, “ONE FC: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS is set to be an epic night of world-class mixed martial arts action! Some of the world’s best mixed martial artists will descend on Beijing along with some of the best in China, to put on a night to remember!”

ONE FC: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS will take place at The Gymnasium of National Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing on 19 December. Tickets for ONE FC: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS are on sale now at 永乐票务 (WWW.228.COM.CN). Ticket categories begin with the full Red Carpet and cageside experience for VIPs at RMB 1080.Tickets priced at RMB 780, RMB 580, RMB 380, RMB 280 and RMB 180 are also available. Prices include ticketing fee.

Ariel ‘Tarzan’ Sexton is a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt with an impressive record of eight wins and three losses. He was born in Canada but now lives in Costa Rica. After discovering Jiu-Jitsu in 2001, he quit his day job and dedicated his life to mastering the art, before transitioning to mixed martial arts. His grappling acumen was on full display in his eight wins, six of which he finished with a variety of submission moves.

Willy Ni is the protege of striking specialist Melvin Manhoef. He started his career with fifteen wins in sixteen bouts. Ni is a submission specialist as well and he will look to bounce back with a win over Ariel Sexton.

Michal Pasternak is a Polish mixed martial artist with an unblemished professional record of ten wins and no losses. Pasternak embraces the diversity of the sport, and his balanced record of knockouts and submissions reflect that. Pasternak will have his hands full with the world-class talent in the light heavyweight division, populated with stars like Roger Gracie, James McSweeney and Jake Butler.

Rafael Silva is a Portuguese mixed martial arts veteran with more than 50 fights of experience. Silva has notched 21 victories via submission and will look to get a winning streak in ONE FC going with a win over Pasternak.

Liu Xu has a background in Sanda and wrestling and has competitive experience in both sports. He is still undefeated in Sanda and prefers striking over grappling. His favorite striking maneuver makes use of his elbows, which he has utilized to devastating effect in the past.

Wang Wei has been training in martial arts since he was 10, and has Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Taekwondo experience. He is the oldest of the competitors in the flyweight tournament but believes he makes up for it with more experience having competed in multiple regional and national championships in Judo. Wang Wei will face Liu Xu in the preliminary round of the tournament.

Li Wei Bin enters the flyweight tournament as the youngest competitor at only 18 years of age. He is a striking practitioner who has trained extensively in Sanda and Muay Thai.

Hao Yi Jie is a boxer and one of the best strikers in the country. He is also proficient in Sanda and Muay Thai and has won regional competitions in those disciplines. Hao Yi Jie will face Li Wei Bin in the preliminary round of the tournament which will be an interesting clash of two devastating strikers.

Fans around Asia can catch all the action live on FOX Sports 3. Check your local listings. Also, fans from around the world can witness the action online via live streaming at The event will be available for purchase at just US$9.99.

For more updates on ONE Fighting Championship™, please visit and follow on Instagram and Twitter @ONEFCMMA, Facebook at and Weibo at

BAMMA continue to expand as they add Warren Kee, Orestes Betran & Mark Godbeer to roster

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

                                                  Credit: BAMMA/Richard Blackburn

BAMMA have announced the signings of Warren Kee, Orestes Betran & Mark Godbeer as it continues to expand its roster.

Orestes 'Furacao' Betran - Featherweight

 The dynamic Brazilian Betran fights out of HJJT & Iron Gymnasium in Londrina, Brazil.  The 31 year old featherweights current pro record stands at 16-4 and is currently 8-2 in his last 10 fights.  On signing with BAMMA Betran had the following words:

"It's an honour to be apart of a great organisation like BAMMA, I look forward to performing in front of the great UK fans"

Warren 'Relentless' Kee - Lightweight

Warren Kee from Cambridge, has a pro record of 7-3 and was Last seen in a BAMMA cage at BAMMA 11 where he faced Tom Breese for the Lonsdale British Title.  Kee who trains out of Tsunami Gym (Home of Former BAMMA Star Luke 'Bigslow' Barnatt), Elite TC and KVT has recently made the decision to drop to Lightweight.

Kee stated: "I have a crowd pleasing style and I always come to fight, I have worked massively on all areas of my game and now I'm fighting at a weight I should have my whole professional career so I am super excited to get in the cage early next year and show Bamma fans the new Warren 'Relentless' Kee"

He continued on signing with BAMMA:

"I am happy and excited to sign an exclusive contract with Bamma, I've had a lot of problems in and out of the cage in recent history but there behind me now and I'm fully focused on getting gold put around my waist at Bamma, the lightweight division is stacked with talent and I just have to get there one fight at a time with solid winning performances."

Mark 'The Hand Of' Godbeer - Heavyweight

Experienced Heavyweight, Mark 'The Hand Of' Godbeer makes his return to the promotion bringing with him a record of 8-2.  From Bridgewater, Somerset the heavyweight fights out of the Trojan Freefighters and is the first name signed to the new look BAMMA Heavyweight Division.  He last fought at BAMMA 9: Watson vs. Marshman, where he was victorious against Catalin Zmarandescu via way of corner stoppage at the end of the first round.  Godbeer had the following words for the BAMMA heavyweight division:

"Really pleased to be signing with a promotion like BAMMA. One of Europe’s leading fight promotions based on home soil. Looking forward to working may way through the newly developed Heavyweight Division, getting into title contention and reaching my goal of getting that belt. Im really pleased for the opportunity BAMMA has given me and I plan on making the most of it!"

You can watch Mark Godbeer's last appearance here:

BAMMA Matchmaker Jude Samuel had the following words on the latest signings to the BAMMA roster:

“I very happy with the latest acquisitions, who will all add a different dynamic to their respective divisions. Its a new and exciting era for the BAMMA Featherweight and Light Weight Divisions especially and the added acquisition of Betran will add a bit more South American spice to the already hot featherweight division."

You can connect with Orestes Betran & Warren Kee on Twitter @orestesbetran @RelentlessWK & @BAMMA

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Harris vs James Reedman set for welterweight amateur title clash at WFS 2

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Kingdom MMA can exclusively reveal that Mark Harris (5-2) will face James Reedman (4-1-1) for the Unified Amateur Welterweight Title at Warrior Fight Series 2.
Harris currently fights out of Silverbacks MMA where as Reedman trains under UK MMA veteran Dean Amasinger at NFM, Windsor.

After a successful first event, WFS is returning on February 21st 2015 from the White Oaks Leisure Centre in Kent. The event is set to be headlined by a Heavyweight title clash as former BAMMA stalwart Mike Neun faces off against Lucasz Parobiec in a fight that promises to produce fireworks come fight night.

With WFS adding more intriguing fights, it clearly shows their ambition to become a top UK MMA show. Something promoter Harry Shoebridge referred to back in a documentary Kingdom MMA did with him at Warrior Fight Series 1
Other fights announced so far:

Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Chris Hill vs Zeki Faulds
Featherweight Unified Amateur Rules
Tanvier Boora Vs Gregor Jurcic
Welterweight Unified Amateur Rules
Nick Manik Vs Patrick Kavanagh
Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Ben Linihan Vs John Reid

Monday, 15 December 2014

Roundtable: Our Favourite Memories of Jamie Varner's Career

Roundtable: Our Favourite Memories of Jamie Varner's Career

On Saturday night 35-fight veteran Jamie Varner retired in the Octagon after losing to Drew Dober in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, his 4th loss in a row.

"I can't keep up with these young kids anymore," Varner said in an emotion post fight interview with Joe Rogan. "It's been an absolute dream, guys. I've been fighting a long time. It's been a dream. I own a gym, I've gotten to do things I never thought I could do."

A pro since 2003, Varner has had his shares of ups and downs, from defeating Rob McCullough to win the WEC lightweight title to losing to Dakota Cochrane, a TUF contestant best known for moonlighting as a gay-for-pay pornstar.

An ultra aggressive lightweight Varner will always be remembered as a tough SOB who brought it every time. With that in mind, we take a look at our favourite moments in the career of Jamie Varner.

Chris Houten - @ChrisHoutenMMA

Jamie Varner will likely look back at his WEC 32 KO of Rob McCullough to earn him the WEC lightweight title and his title defenses over Marcus Hicks and Donald Cerrone as the highlights of his career. For me though, I will always remember Varner for his aggressive style, and his warriors spirit.

From his fight of the year bout with Joe Lauzon in 2012, an all-out war where Varner fought for half the fight with a broken hand, to his upset of the year victory over Edson Barboza where he defied the odds to defeat one of the biggest prospects in all of MMA, Varner has shown time and time again what a warrior he is. For me though the fight that epitomises Varner's warriors spirit is his loss to James Kause where he fought for 3 minutes on a broken ankle. 

For all his ups and downs, Varner has never gave up on his the do or die attitude that made him a champion in the first place. Varner is a true champions, and a true warriors, who will pass his fighting spirit through his gym for many years to come. Thank you for the memories, Jamie.

Ben Heather - @benheather

For me Jamie Varner showcases everything that an MMA fighter should be. You knew everytime he stepped in that cage the crowd would be entertained and what more can you ask for. As the years have gone on this has cost him some fights such as the fight with Abel Trujillo earlier this year. However, this style has certainly gained him a lot more fans and I am one of them.

The personal highlight for me is his fight with Joe Lauzon, this may sound strange to pick a fight he lost as my highlight of his career but I think he showcased everything in that fight and literally put it all on the line. Coming in to the fight on short notice, again... he returned to the Octagon after knocking out Edson Barboza. In a fight that had it all he dropped Lauzon in the first round, fought through submisison attempts before getting caught in a triangle midway through the third round. This fight was rightly regarded as one of the fights of 2012 and is proved without doubt that Jamie Varner is a true warrior and will be missed by a lot of fans.

I wish him every success in the future and hope he enjoys his retirement as much as I enjoyed watching him perform in the cage.

Alex Dillon - @ADillon__

Despite never reaching the top of the UFC's lightweight division, Jamie Varner will go down as one of MMA's finest lightweights just because of his WEC days where he won the now merged lightweight title. Varner was never in a boring fight meaning that if you tuned in to watch him scrap you were guaranteed to be entertained.

Varner's finest moment for me was his return fight in the UFC in which he was actually a replacement. He stepped up to fight the highly touted prospect Edson Barboza in what was more or less meant to be an easy ride for the Brazilian. As I fondly remember, things didn't quite work out for Barboza as Varner shocked the MMA world by finishing him in the first round. Given that Barboza had previously scored one of the greatest KO's of all time over Brit Terry Etim, Varner beating him was truly memorable.

The end to Varner's career will always be a shame as he was in control of Trujillo fight before being KO'd at the death. Then breaking his ankle too against James Krause as well as his final loss inside the Octagon is not the way he wanted to go out but I'm sure many would agree, he gave fans one of the finest memories ever with the Barboza upset.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Three fights you DO NOT want to miss this weekend

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

This weekend see's the UFC host two fight events with TUF 20 Finale set for Friday evening and UFC on FOX 13 for Saturday evening. TUF 20 card has a special feel to it as the first ever women's strawweight (115lbs) champion will be crowned as Carla Esparza and Rose Namajunas fight for the chance to be #1 in the world. The UFC on FOX 13 headliner also has title implications as former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos faces off against high flying contender Stipe Miocic. With two cards full of exciting fights, here are the three you DON'T want to miss this weekend.

Junior Dos Santos (16-3) vs Stipe Miocic (12-1)

There are high stakes for the winner of this fight which makes it one to watch this weekend. JDS is arguably that fighter in the heavyweight division that no one below him can beat but he will always struggle to dethrone the champion Cain Velasquez as seen on two previous occasions. Miocic is on a three fight winning streak and only ever lost to Stefan Struve two years ago. If he is going to mount a serious challenge to Cain's belt its now or never for the 32 year old and JDS is the perfect opponent for him to do that. Interested to see if JDS is still that good. Expect this fight to finish with a KO Saturday night.

Jeremy Stephens (23-10) vs Charles Oliveira (18-4-1)

This featherweight battle takes place in the co-main event slot of the TUF 20 finale and promises to be a war. Both fighters have more experienced records full of finishes which is a good omen for the outcome of this fight come fight night. In a way, both are fighting to stay relevant in a talent stacked division and a win for either propels them up towards the big names. Oliveira is coming off two straight submission wins where as Stephens is coming off a loss to contender Cub Swanson so he will be looking to come out and impress against his Brazilian opponent. This could very well end up taking the plaudits from the straw weight women on the card and being Fight of the Night tonight.

Claudia Gadelha (12-0) vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk (7-0)

This women's strawweight battle could be going under the radar this weekend given that the night before this fight takes place, the TUF 20 Finale will crown a new straw weight champion. Nonetheless this fight promises to deliver, especially given that someones '0' has to go. Gadelha is a finishing machine with eight of her 12 wins coming via finish which sets this fight up to be a potential classic. The Pole Jedrezjczyk earnt her UFC call up by destroying UK MMA women's pioneer Rosi Sexton back in Cage Warriors and impressed in her debut against Juliana Carneiro. With both coming into this fight with some hype behind them due to their undefeated status, this one should deliver.

UFC TUF 20 Finale & UFC on FOX 13 betting tips


Bet 1 £5 stake returns £52
Aisling Daly 2/5
Bec Rawlings 2/1
Jeremy Stephens 4/5
Ben Saunders 4/9
Rafael Dos Anjos 4/11
Anthony Birchak 2/5

So as we have 2 events this upcoming weekend I thought I would take 3 fights from each card. Starting with Friday nights fights from Vegas I have gone with Ireland's own Aisling Daly, Fiery Aussie Bec Rawlings and Lil Heathen Jeremy Stephens. Starting with Daly, she has a match up with Alex Chambers who has a nice boxing style mixed in with some nice wrestling techniques but I think Aislings superior movement and awkward striking and pretty much entire game will be far too much for chambers and I can see a finish in this fight for the lass from Dublin.

Bec Rawlings up next against fellow TUF 20 competitor Heather Jo Clark in a match up which in the end could be a very close decision victory for either girl but after watching a lot of tape on both I have to side with Rawlings. She throws more shots, has more power and is relentless for the full 15 minutes. She showed in the match up with Tecia Torres on the show that she can compete with best in her division and that's why I went with the Aussie here.

Last pick from the Vegas card is Jeremy Stephens to beat Charles Oliveira in what should be a very exciting encounter in the featherweight division so looking at both guys you can see what there game plans will be Stephens will want to keep it striking while Oliveira will look to use his immense BJJ skills on the mat why I sided with Stephens here is he is a very solid fighter and has decent takedown defence and at any time can uncork a massive shot to take you like he did against Rony Jason and Rafael Dos Anjos in years gone by and I can see him finding Oliveira's dodgy chin, he may not finish him but Stephens by decision could very well happen.

On to Phoenix now for UFC On Fox 13 and we start off with the first fight on the night as debutant Anthony Birchak takes on England's own Ian Entwistle for people who don't no about Birchak he a 11-1 fighter who has amassed some nice victories outside the UFC and all I see in this match up is him Stopping Entwistle inside 5 minutes I just don't see anywhere he troubles Birchak.

Next up is a match up of a couple of UFC Veterans who has recently made there returns to the Octagon as we have "Killa B" Ben Saunders against Joe Riggs in a welterweight clash in his last encounter Saunders finished his fight with a submission we very rarely see in the Omoplata to finish Chris Heatherly and as the fight progresses, Saunders will look to take this fight to the ground where he has a clear advantage over Riggs but he has to survive Riggs' early onslaught and when he gasses, Saunders will take over and get the victory.

The last fight I like is a Lightweight clash between a fighter gaining huge confidence in Rafael Dos Anjos facing off against the always controversial Nathan Diaz who is making his return to the cage after a year out. Starting with Dos Anjos, a very talented Brazilian Jui Jitsu Practitioner who is developing really solid striking highlighted with a huge 1st round Knockout of former UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson he will need that in abundance if he wants to compete with Diaz on the feet as we all no the Diaz Brothers like to throw in bunches and with the accumulation of strikes it wears you down. Ultimately I think this fight will go to the floor and where I see RDA having the slight advantage, but he has to be very careful as Nate will be looking for a body part to grab a hold off but Dos Anjos should have a enough to fend off his attacks and get himself a decision victory.

Bet 2- Underdog Double

Joanna Jedrzejczyk 15/8
Stefan Struve 12/5

As an underdog bet this is one which I think you should have a look at as both have a very decent chance of cashing in both have a very tough match ups but both are fighters that can take punishment and come back strong especially Stefan Struve who is coming back after a tough 2 years personally buy can withstand tremendous assaults and come back and win the fight. In his Fight with Alistair Overeem all I think he has to do is survive the early onslaught The Reem will bring and as we have seen before, when he go's too hard he gasses real bad and is open to being knocked out with. If Joanna wins this fight she will be in line to face the winner of the championship match the previous night in Vegas. Her fight with talented Brazilian Claudia Gadelha is as close a fight as we have had all year but I just feel with Joanna's great hand speed and movement she can frustrate Gadelha and can take the fight to her later in the fight when Gadelha starts lunging for takedowns.

Prop bets to keep an eye on 

Stefan Struve Double Chance to win by KO or Submission 16/5
Aisling Daly by Submission 11/2
Joanne Calderwood by KO/TKO 11/10
Jeremy Stephens by KO/TKO 11/5
Ben Saunders by Submission 3/1
Gabriel Gonzaga by Submission 3/1
Calderwood/Ham under 2.5 rds EVS
Varner/Dober under 2.5 rds 5/4

So there Is a little bit of advice on bets I like, good luck with what ever you put on this weekend and enjoy the fights!

The Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale: Weigh In Results

by Ben Heather @benheather

Tomorrow night the UFC will have a new champion as the first women's 115lb UFC champion will be crowned. Folllowing on from the current series of The Ultimate Fighter where 16 of the best strawweights on the planet battled it out to get the opportunity to fight in the inaugural strawweight title fight we are now left with just two. Will it be Carla Esparza or Rose Namajunas?

If Carla wins she will effectively be replacing her Invicta title and swapping it for the UFC belt. It will also make her the first Invicta strawweight champion and the first UFC strawweight champion. However, if Rose wins she will not only become the first UFC women's 115lb champion she will also become the youngest UFC champion in the process.

Today all of the fighters weighed in and both women fighting for the belt made weight, making the title fight official. The only fighters to miss weight were Aisling Daly, who missed weight by two pounds and Charles Oliveira, who missed by one pound. Both of these fighters have an additional hour to make lose the final bit of weight or they will forfeit some of their fight purse.

Official Weigh In Results:

Main Card (BT Sport 1) 2am

Carla Esparza (115 lbs) vs. Rose Namajunas (115 lbs)
#10 Jeremy Stephens (146 lbs) vs. #14 Charles Oliveira (147 lbs**)    
K.J. Noons (156 lbs) vs. Daron Cruickshank (156 lbs)   
Joe Proctor (156 lbs) vs. Yancy Medeiros (155.5 lbs)   
Jessica Penne (115.5 lbs) vs. Randa Markos (116 lbs)   

Preliminary card (BT Sport 1) 12am

Felice Herrig (115 lbs) vs. Lisa Ellis (115 lbs)   
Bec Rawlings (116 lbs) vs. Heather Jo Clark (115.5 lbs)   
Joanne Calderwood (116 lbs) vs. Seo Hee Ham (114.5 lbs)   
Tecia Torres (115.5 lbs) vs. Angela Magana (115.5 lbs)   

Preliminary card (UFC Fight Pass) 11pm

Aisling Daly (118 lbs*) vs. Alex Chambers (114.5 lbs)   
Emily Kagan (116 lbs) vs. Angela Hill (115.5 lbs)

*Daly has one hour to lose the final two pounds to make weight.
**Oliveira has one hour to lose the final pound to make weight.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Contender Promotions tease 2015 American expansion

Andreas Georgiou - @AGeorgiouMMA

Contender Promotions have revealed a new partnership that will see them exchange talent with American promotions in 2015.

Casey Oxendine worked on behalf of Contender Promotions to negotiate the terms in the USA, and he has confirmed that there are numerous promotions in the pipeline to cement this deal.

Garry Bell, Contender Promotions president said "I am thrilled to announce that we have been in negotiations for the last few months and today I can reveal that we have sealed the deal to work in the land of opportunity the USA. I am extremely excited to find talent within America as K-1 is a new concept to their market and I believe there is phenomenal talent hiding in the 50 states"

More details are expected to surface in the near future.

Mark Munoz against Caio Magalhaes booked for UFC 184

By Connor Hutton - @ConnorHuttonMMA

Credit: UFC

The Filipino Wrecking Machine joins a growing UFC 184 card, set to take place February 28, 2015 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

A veteran of the UFC, Mark Munoz (13-5) will look to rebound from back-to-back defeats in his 14th fight inside the octagon. Munoz has recently suffered brutal losses at the hands of top contenders Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi, and despite rumblings of a bittersweet retirement, the 36-year-old middleweight will now be entering into his first bout on a new four-fight deal.

His opponent, Caio Magalhaes (9-1) is 4-0 in the UFC since dropping a decision to Buddy Roberts in his debut back in 2012. The 26-year-old prospect fighting out of Nova Uniao is coming off an impressive 2014 with two first-round finishes. Magalhaes looks to earn the finest feather in his cap to date when he takes on a tough test in Munoz, who will be eager to shake off the 'gatekeeper' tag.

With the addition of this bout, UFC 184 now includes:

Chris Weidman (c) vs. Vitor Belfort
Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Cat Zingano
Frank Mir vs. Antonio Silva
Yoel Romero vs. Ronaldo Souza
Jake Ellenberger vs. Josh Koscheck
Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto
Mark Munoz vs. Caio Magalhaes

WFS 2: Main Event Announcement and Promo Video

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

It has been announced today that WFS 2 will take place in Kent on February 21st and will be headlined by a heavyweight title fight between former BAMMA stalwart Mike “The Nightmare” Neun as he takes on Lucasz Parobiec.

Neun (5-3) last fought at WFS 1 defeating Lloyd Clarkson via Unanimous Decision. Parobiec was on a 9 fight winning streak before losing to former UFC fighter Philip De Fries via rear naked choke at last months M4TC event in the North East.

WFS have also released a promo video for the event titled 'The Return of The Nightmare' check it out below

 Other fights announced are:

Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Chris Hill vs Zeki Faulds
Featherweight Unified Amateur Rules
Tanvier Boora Vs Gregor Jurcic
Welterweight Unified Amateur Rules
Nick Manik Vs Patrick Kavanagh
Lightweight Unified Amateur Rules
Ben Linihan Vs John Reid

UFC's Cathal Pendred latest fighter to call out CM Punk

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

As everyone knows by now, The UFC announced this past weekend live on air at UFC 181 that they had signed former WWE superstar CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks). This was almost instantly met with  both positive and negative feedback from fans and fighters alike.

Although there has been a lot negativity towards CM Punk, it hasn't stopped fighters calling him out from all over the world. Can you blame them? A fight with such a big crossover name would give them more exposure than they would get off of most names in the MMA world.

The latest fighter to throw his name into the hat is SBG Ireland's Cathal Pendred. The Boston born Irish fighter competed on TUF 19 as part of Team Penn and although he didn't win the show he was still signed and made his official debut at UFC Fight Night Dublin in a fight of the night win over Mike King. Pendred then successfully defeated Gasan Umalatov via Split Decision back in October at UFC Fight Night: Stockholm. He is scheduled to take on Sean Spencer in his native city of Boston next month but that didn't stop him from taking to Twitter (see below) to suggest he would be fighting CM Punk in what will be the superstar's first MMA fight.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Kountermove predictions for our UFC on FOX 13 tournament

By Connor Hutton - @ConnorHuttonMMA

Credit: UFC
Kingdom MMA brings you its latest Kountermove tournament this weekend, but for any newcomers who have a few questions, here is the essential information. Kountermove is simply fantasy MMA, pick a team of fighters who you think will win and your chosen fighters are awarded points based on strikes, takedowns and rounds won etc.

You can join our Kountermove tournament for UFC on FOX 13 and be in with a chance to win some cash right here:

If you want to win a bit of money but you need some guidance then take a look at Kingdom MMA’s predictions, our ‘favourite five’ below, a few fighters who you may fancy picking.

1. Junior dos Santos ($5800) - It seems as though if your name is not Cain Velasquez, then 99% of the time JDS has your number. The 30-year-old Brazilian, dos Santos (16-3) has not fought since his brutal title-fight loss back in October 2013, however he now meets the Croatian Stipe Miocic (12-1) who rides an impressive three fight win streak.

A win for dos Santos will set him on the path to a third crack at Velasquez, but first of all he must get past Miocic. The key to this bout will undoubtedly be JDS' movement and outstanding boxing, the Brazilian has the poise and technique to pick apart any heavyweight on the planet and the odds are stacked very heavily in his favour in this match-up. Miocic is a credible opponent with a punchers chance, but JDS is just a step too high for him.

2. Rafael dos Anjos ($4900) - Coming off what is without a doubt one of the stand-out performances of the year, Rafeal dos Anjos (22-7) is fresh off a devastating first-round knockout victory against the former lightweight champion Benson Henderson. RDA is moving ever closer to a shot at the belt, however Nate Diaz (17-9) stands in his way.

Diaz is fighting for the first time since November 2013, where he stopped Gray Maynard in the opening round, however a long lay-off could prove to be pivotal in this upcoming bout. The Brazilian dos Anjos has vastly improved his game over the last three years, putting together a 7-1 streak in that time, and with a chance at gold perhaps one win away, we expect dos Anjos to improve once again in this fight and take the win, as well as a hefty points return for you Kountermove players.

3. Alistair Overeem ($4700) - 'The Reem' has had a less than impressive career in UFC thus far, to put it kindly. Since stopping Brock Lesnar on his debut, Overeem (37-14) has suffered a disastrous run of 1-3 in the octagon, he now has one last chance to redeem himself when he welcomes back the returning Stefan Struve (25-6).

Struve hasn't fought since Mark Hunt broke his jaw in March 2013 and when heart problems prevented an early return, the majority expected the 'Skyscraper' to retire. The main focus in this fight will be confidence, Overeem has experience three brutal knockouts in three of his past four fights, however Struve's health problems could hold trouble his mindset. It's a true toss up between the two heavyweights but we expect Overeem to bounce back successfully in this one.

4. John Moraga ($5000) - One of the top UFC flyweights, John Moraga (15-3) is in a tough position in his division having lost to the current champion Demetrious Johnson and the true number one contender, John Dodson. Moraga now has a long way back to the top, but a submission win over Justin Scoggins was the perfect way to get back on track. Moraga was scheduled to meet one of the few men yet to be beaten by Mighty Mouse in Jussier Formiga, however Formiga suffered an injury and in walked the UFC debutant Willie Gates.

Gates has had an incredible year in MMA, five fights and five first-round finishes, and a win over Moraga in his UFC debut on short notice could instantly catapult him up the ranks. However, it is clear that Gates has never faced any body of Moraga's calibre and we expect that to shine through on fight night, for the price of $5000 Moraga is a must for your Kountermove teams.

5. Henry Cejudo ($4000) - If you have kept up with Henry Cejudo's career, you may have noticed that since signing with the UFC in July, Cejudo (6-0) is yet to have stepped foot in the octagon. The Olympic gold medalist has struggled to make weight as a flyweight, and after failing to make the 125lb mark against Scott Jorgensen, Dana White pushed Cejudo to move up to Bantamweight. The boss got what he asked for as Cejudo now makes his 135lb debut against Dustin Kimura (11-2).

Since arriving in the UFC, Kimura has gone 2-2 in the cage, and with Cejudo now finally set to make his debut, we expect another defeat for Kimura. The key for this bout will be Cejudo's top level grappling, wrestling has been proven time and time again to be the most effective and influential style. As one of only three Olympic gold medalists to compete for the UFC, Cejudo is one-step ahead of many fighters and we expect this to come even clearer come fight night on Saturday.

So don’t forget to join in with UFC on FOX 13 in our exclusive Kountermove tournament:

Kane Mousah signs 5 fight deal with BAMMA, has more words for Marc Diakiese

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

                                                           Credit:Richard Blackburn/BAMMA

Even though the highly anticipated fight between Kane Mousah and Marc Diakiese failed to happen at BAMMA 17, it didn't stop the injured Mousah from turning up on the day of the weigh-ins to try and antagonise Diakiese as he weighed in for new opponent Vernon O'Neil.

Mousah (6-0) who fights out of the well renowned Rough House gym, has signed a 5 fight deal with the promotion and is looking to compete as soon as his injury has cleared up.  His original opponent Diakiese is still firmly in his sights.

"I'm more than happy with my decision to sign to BAMMA. I have always wanted to fight for the promotion. It fills me with great joy to know I'm in the rat race for the title."

Mousah made everyone in attendance and especially Diakiese, know he was there during the weigh ins by instigating a verbal clash between the two and with managers and former BAMMA World Champion Scott Askham having to get between them, it's certain that this is one match up that will need no further selling.

Come fight night, Mousah wasn't entirely impressed with Diakiese either

"My thoughts on Marc's fight are definitely not what he wants to hear. It's simple I finish fights. I'm a killer, simple. My last fight was against a 9-5 opponent which I finished first round. He went 3x5 with a 0-0 guy. Now you tell me what that tells you."

Although he didn't compete, Mousah was one of the most talked about people all weekend, even sitting down to do interviews with the media in attendance. With Mousah and Diakiese signed to the promotion, this is one fight that the fans and media are already talking about as a must see in 2015.  The hype has arrived. The fight will follow.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Fights to make after BAMMA 17

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

BAMMA 17 took place at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester this past Saturday with Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher, Martin Stapleton & Brendan Loughnane just some of the big names who were victorious on a stacked show. After recently announcing some new signings as well as already having some great young talent on the roster, BAMMA look to be heading in the right direction.

Now that the dust has settled on this Saturday's event what fights can be made next for some of the winners?

Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher

'Freakshow' stopped American Michael Brightmon in the main event at BAMMA 17 after Brightmon could not continue past the second round. The American to his credit, did land flush on Fletcher on a couple of occasions in the first round but once 'Freakshow' found his rhythm it was just a matter of time before he put his foe away. With such a good performance, it's hard not to reward Fletcher with a rematch against the BAMMA world champ Mansour Barnaoui in the near future.

Martin Stapleton

The SBG Manchester fighter made his debut in the co-main event and looked fantastic in doing so by submitting frenchman Sebastien Fournier in the first round via rear naked choke. 'Stapes' may have had a rocky time over in Bellator but BAMMA provide the perfect platform for him to get to the top of the ladder in my opinion. The Rochdale fighter was originally scheduled to fight Jeremy Petley before an injury and it is a fight which still makes sense. Stapleton also told Kingdom MMA in his post fight interview that he would like to fight for the British Londsale belt at BAMMA so don't rule that out either.

Brendan Loughnane

Since coming up short on the TUF:Smashes finale, Loughnane has been on a tear in the UK scene with wins over the likes of Jason Cooledge and Ali McClean. Loughnane continued this rich vein of form by dispatching late replacement Florian Rousseau in the first round via TKO. Loughnane improves every fight and in my opinion isn't far away from a shot at the champion Duquesnoys world championship belt. A #1 contender fight against Ashleigh Grimshaw would certainly show where he belongs in terms of title shots.

Mike Wootten

The TUF 18 semi finalist has been pretty impressive in his BAMMA stint so far racking up two wins in a row and looking good in doing so. Wootten's all round MMA game seems solid and it looks as if he could go far in the BAMMA bantamweight division. One name murmured before and after the fight as a potential future opponent for the MMA Academy fighter is undefeated BAMMA prospect Ed Arthur (5-0). With both fighters tearing up the promotions bantamweight division, this fight could end up being one of the fights of the year in 2015.    

Marc Diakiese

Originally scheduled to fight Manchester's Kane Mousah at BAMMA 17 until the latter pulled out with a knee injury, Diakiese faced off against late stand in Vernon O'Neil who was making his pro MMA debut. To O'Neils credit he more than held his own throughout the fight but Diakiese ultimately controlled the fight and ended up with the Unanimous Decision victory. The fight that HAS to happen next is Diakiese vs Mousah. Both are at similar stages in their careers and match up perfectly. What's more there's been talk back and forth between the two with Mousah heading down to the BAMMA 17 weigh ins and riling Diakiese up adding fuel to the rivalry between the two. I don't think there's one person that doesn't want this one to happen. BAMMA 18 please.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

CM Punk signs a multi fight deal with the UFC

by Chris Marzella @ChrisMarzella

PRO WRASSLERS crossing over in to MMA is never met with positive feedback from the MMA community.
Even less so when the wrestler in question is a 0-0 fighter with no background in any particular discipline.

UFC dropped the bombshell during the broadcast of UFC 181 that it has now signed the controversial former WWE Superstar CM Punk.
The announcement was made as Joe Rogan interviewed the former pro wrestling superstar about the deal.
Punk said: "It's awesome to be here.
"This is something that has been in the back of my mind for a very, very long time. I have a background in kempo. I've done Brazilian jiu jitsu off and on for a very, very long time but the idea of being able to step in the Octagon and find out what's inside myself and test myself is an opportunity that I was not able to deny myself. I don't think I'd have been able to live with myself if I didn't give this a shot.
"I felt like it was now or never maybe about three years ago. I re-signed with WWE and I tried to give that the old college try and it is now or never for me. I have a limited window, just like all fighters do, and I fully intend to get in there and I'm here for a fight. I'm here to get my ass kicked or to kick somebody's ass.
"This is my new career, 100-per-cent. I'm going to go full steam ahead all systems go after today and it's going to be fun. I have nothing but respect for everybody here in the UFC, everybody here who steps in the octagon to fight. When it's all said and done, when I'm finished everybody's going to have to respect me because I have come here to fight."
Punk admitted that at present he is unsure of the weight class in which he will fight, touting middleweight as his likely destination but he refused to rule out welterweight as a potential option.
Punk - real name Phil Brooks - was last seen on WWE television at January's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He then made the call to walk out on Vince McMahon's company after several decisions left him disgruntled.
Punk recently poured his heart out on close friend Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast regarding the decision to walk out on the WWE and he cited a clause in the contract that blocked him from competing for a host of other organisations - including the UFC.
The WWE has long maintained that the UFC is NOT a major competitor. Yet it has enforced the clause to halt its top stars defecting.
When Brock Lesnar signed for the UFC in 2008 it was met, by and large, by MMA fans crucifying Zuffa for the move. Lesnar went on to become the companies biggest ever draw.
Now the difference is Brock Lesnar brought an NCAA Division 1 heavyweight wrestling title with him to the sport.
Punk, on the other hand, brings no real competitive martial arts background with him but the 36-year-old five time WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been studying Brazilian jiu jitsu under Rener and Ryron Gracie for a number of years and has trained in kempo.
The announcement has seen a raft of current UFC fighters, as well as others, laying out challenges to the Chicago native.
Brit, Michael Bisping, who was a television analyst for Fox at UFC 181, tweeted: "I see @cmpunk wants to kick ass, well he can kiss my ass! Haha welcome to the Ufc brother! Let's do this! @ufc"
Irishman, Cathal Pendred laid down his own challenge which may have been tounge in cheek, saying: "Every UFC middleweight will be calling out CM Punk now. Damn! I'll call him out!! #MassiveOpportunity"
The news of Punk's arrival should see new life breathed in to the UFC. Punk brings with him a larger, more dedicated following than the one brought over by former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.
Punk gained a reputation during his nine year stint with WWE as being one of the best talkers of his generation. Gaining a strong following for his scathing interviews in the worked world of pro wrestling. With the departure of Chael Sonnen, the signing of Punk should see a return of a brash, quick-witted promo style interviews.
Punk is also a close friend of Paul Heyman - the man helped Lesnar pursue his MMA career.
From a sporting point of view, the signing is questionable to say the least. By the time Lesnar reached the UFC he had several MMA fights under his belt.
Punk on the other hand is a complete novice.
Yet the move should, and in all probability will, be a stroke of genius.
Punk will draw, far more than 99 percent of the current roster.
That has left many fans and fighters to outwardly display bitterness towards Punk, but the truth is, Punk's debut is already must see TV.
The move also comes as speculation becomes rife that the UFC is set to bid for Brock Lesnar's services. Lesnar will allegedly become a free agent after WrestleMania 31, with Bellator also seemingly interested in him.
The move IS a massive coup for the UFC and one which should more than pay for itself.


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