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Interview: UFC co-creator Campbell McLaren

Campbell McLaren talks to Kingdom MMA 'I would have never sold the UFC'

Friday, 28 February 2014

Cage Warriors 65 Weigh-in Results

Weigh-in results: Cage Warriors 65

Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors
Cage Warriors 65 headliners John Maguire and Saul Rogers (pictured) have both made weight ahead of tomorrow’s main event at The Helix in Dublin.

The pair came in under the 156lbs limit for their lightweight clash earlier this afternoon in the Irish capital, while co-main event duo Jack Mason and Benny Alloway are also on weight and ready to collide in their highly-anticipated welterweight encounter.

Three fighters on tomorrow’s 11-bout bill failed to make the contracted weight, however, with Alex Enlund, Paddy Pimblett and Bryan Creighton all forfeiting 25 per cent of their purses to their respective opponents Artem Lobov, Martin Sheridan and Damien Rooney.

View a gallery of images from today’s weigh-ins HERE.

CWFC 65 takes place tomorrow, Saturday, March 1, at The Helix in Dublin, Ireland. For ticket and broadcast information, click HERE.


Lightweight: Saul Rogers (155.2lbs) vs. John Maguire (154.5lbs)
Welterweight: Benny Alloway (170.5lbs) vs. Jack Mason (170.9lbs)
Featherweight: AlexEnlund (147.3lbs)* vs. Artem Lobov (145.7lbs)
130lbs catchweight: Bryan Creighton (132.9lbs)* vs. Damien Rooney (130.6lbs)
Lightweight: Damien Brown (155.3lbs) vs. Paul Redmond (155.9lbs)
160lbs catchweight: Aldric Cassata (160lbs) vs. Philip Mulpeter (160.5lbs)
Welterweight: Lee Caers (170.5lbs) vs. Merv Mulholland (170lbs)
Atomweight: Irene Cabello (105.8lbs) vs. Catherine Costigan (105.1lbs)
Bantamweight: Martin Sheridan (135.4lbs) vs. Paddy Pimblett (136.8lbs)*
176lbs catchweight: Shane Gunfield (176lbs) vs. Konrad Iwanowski (175.6lbs)
Bantamweight: Neil Ward (135.2lbs) vs. Gavin Kelly (134.3lbs)
*Missed weight; forfeits 25 per cent of purse to opponent

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Europa MMA's CEO Sean Sinclair talks to Kingdom MMA

Sean Sinclair discusses Europa MMA 1 and his plans for the future of Europa MMA

by Chris Houten @mrhouts

Today Kingdom MMA caught up with the CEO of Europa MMA, Sean Sinclair to discuss Europa MMA 1, which takes place on the 22nd March in Brentwood. Also, we talk about his plans for the future of Europa MMA.

Firstly, thank you for your team.
When I first saw mentions of your first event on twitter a few months ago, I found myself intrigued by the promotion as you have a great main event in Coga vs Backstrom. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and who else forms the brains behind the promotion? and what your backgrounds are?
The founder is Sean Sinclair; I'm a young entrepreneur who has a passion for MMA and wanted to launch my own promotion. There are several other people involved, including a few influential people within the MMA world. However they won’t be announced as part of the team until mid-2014.

Your first show takes place March 22nd, how many months has this show been in the making and have the difficulties of launching a new promotion and arranging your first show been everything you expected?
The show has been in the making since December 2013, with regards to starting a new promotion the saying is “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!”. The easiest part has been arranging the main card due to the professionalism within the higher levels of the MMA scene.

As I said at the start you have a great main event set in Coga vs Backstrom; Who do you have working as match maker, and how did this fight come about?
All match making is done internally by the team, however we hope to make an announcement about our dedicated matchmaker soon. The fight come about because Backstrom hasn’t been able to get a great fight for a while now, and since Max Coga is on a tear and equally as skilled as Backstrom it was an easy fight to put together. When we told both the fighters about the bout, they were both equally as excited so it was very much a no brainer to make this happen.

You also have some pretty big names from the UK scene on the card such as Jeremy Petley, Wendle Lewis, Andre Winner etc. what is your process behind match making?
We go with the philosophy of R&R (Rankings & Records) meaning we will only put together fights with equally similar ranked guys. If a fighter is not ranked it is done on a record basis of similar fight experience and styles, at this level there is not a lot of footage of guys out there so you can’t make stylistic matchups meaning this is the best philosophy to follow.

So far you have announced 4 bouts for Europa MMA 1, how many fights do you anticipate putting on for your debut show?
Ten fights in total, we feel any more than this pollutes the experience for the fans.

Will all these bouts be professional contests or will you have a mixture of pro and amateur bouts?
No we will be doing professional cards exclusively, with fight nights being held at smaller venues for amateur fighters.

When can fans expect additional fight announcements?
We will be announcing the full card soon, as there are still some spots to fill.

You recently announced a new fight to the card, can you tell us about that fight and will this form part of the main card or the prelims?
Mohammed Babadivand who is a training partner of Niklas Backstrom will be taking on Frenchman Peter Ligier who fights out of Geneva Switzerland, this will be a professional bantamweight contest on the main card.

Are Europa MMA doing any drug testing for this show, and do you plan on working with Safe MMA for your first show? If not, is there a reason behind not working with Safe MMA and would you like to do so in the future?
Standard blood tests for Hep B/C and HIV are being done, which Europa MMA has funded. However, PED’s are not being tested for this event, as you can imagine the logistics behind this has proven difficult for the first event. We will be signing up with Safe MMA for what we will anticipate to be our third event.

Do you plan on making the show available online, whether it's live or delayed on youtube for fans who can't be in attendance?
All fights will be available on youtube, streaming is something we’re exploring and look to bring soon.

I know tickets for Europa MMA 1 are on sale now, where can fans buy tickets and how well are tickets selling?
Tickets are available at and local fans in Essex looking to buy tickets can like us on Facebook and take advantage of our free courier service. Tickets are selling at a steady pace as expected of a first event.

Do you have a set number of shows targeted for this year and do you plan on putting titles on the line at some stage?
We don’t have a set target, although we are currently committed to three shows as things stand. We won’t be introducing titles until the promotion gains credibility, as we want them to mean something for the fighter.

Can you tell me what your aspirations for the promotion are? Whats the ultimate goal?
The ultimate goal is to introduce a tournament format with a generous cash prize; we aren’t looking to take on any of the promotions who have a roster of fighters. We simply want to be a platform for European fighters to launch themselves into the MMA scene, and hopefully land lucrative contracts with other promotions.

Where do you see Europe MMA 3 years from now?
Doing our first tournament which will span over four shows, and hopefully some of those shows will be in various capital cities across Europe. Including England, Germany and Sweden.

Finally what sets Europa MMA apart from all the other promotions in the UK?
The main event of our first show represents what sets us apart, you are going to see high ranked guys from different countries across Europe meeting on neutral ground. To give both fighters the best opportunity and the fans and an experience of what the best across Europe have to offer. Helping grow peoples interest and support of other European fighters and promotions across the continent.

Thank you for your time Sean, we really appreciate it at such a busy time and all of us at the site are looking forward to your first event. As Sean said before that first event, Europa MMA 1 takes place at the Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, Essex on 22nd March. Tickets are priced between £30 - £50 for this event.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Video: Tuf China Finale Healiner John Hathaway's UFC Debut

Video: Tuf China Finale Healiner John Hathaway's UFC Debut

UFC London to Air Live on Channel 5

UFC London to Air Live on Channel 5

The Ultimate Fighting Championship®  (UFC®), the world’s premier mixed martial arts organisation, has announced an agreement to broadcast its inaugural EMEA FIGHT NIGHT, from the O2 Arena in London, on Channel 5. The agreement is in part due to the incredible demand for UFC programming in the UK and will be the first time a UFC event will be broadcast live to a terrestrial audience in the region.

Live broadcast of the UFC FIGHT NIGHT LONDON: GUSTAFSSON vs. MANUWA main card on 8th March will begin at 9 p.m. and will be followed by highlights of the rest of the card until 11 p.m.

The popularity of the UFC is soaring throughout Europe, with the event at the O2 Arena selling out in a matter of hours. Last year three events were held throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), with that number doubling to six in 2014, starting with London and then Abu Dhabi on 11th April.

UFC programming is broadcast in over 145 countries, to nearly 800 million TV households worldwide, in 28 different languages.

Garry Cook, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of UFC EMEA, said: “This gives the entire British public the opportunity to watch UFC programming live on free to air TV and we are very excited to be working with Channel 5 to provide this experience.
“The UFC are incredibly proud of the EMEA FIGHT NIGHTS that will we will be hosting throughout 2014, showcasing some of our incredible talent at Saturday primetime, across the regions to millions of existing and new fans.” 
Channel 5 Commissioning Editor Factual, Simon Raikes said: “UFC is the best of mixed martial arts, ideal to complement our existing fighting stable. We’re genuinely excited to welcome such a riveting sport to Channel 5.”

For more information about UFC, its events and programming, please visit

Interview: Benny Alloway "Always happy to have an Opportunity to KO an Englishman"

Kingdom MMA talks to Benny Alloway ahead of his Fight with Jack Mason
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors
On Saturday night Australian welterweight Benny Alloway returns to Cage Warriors to fight Jack Mason in a bout that could have significant impact on the Cage Warriors welterweight division. A contestant on TUF Smashes, 3 fight UFC vet Alloway signed an exclusive 5 fight deal with Cage Warriors in November, and as a international recognised name, and one of the most skilled welterweight on the Cage Warriors roster, an impressive win over the surging Mason who is 6-1 in his last 7 fights could be all the Gold Cost fighter needs to earn a shot at the Cage Warriors title.

Kingdom MMA caught up with Alloway earlier this week to discuss why he signed for Cage Warriors, finishing Jack Mason, and who stands in his way on route to the title.

Houten: You will be traveling great distances to fight for Cage Warriors, what made to chose the promotion over other interested parties after you moved on from the UFC?
Alloway: Cage Warriors in my eyes is the number 2 promotion in the world.  They are as professional as the UFC as in every aspect of the promotion.  The UFC watches what goes on in the Cage Warriors ranks and that's a good thing for my new long term goal.

The general consensus amongst fans and media is that you're a better fighter than what we see during your time with the UFC, why do think we didn't get to see your best?
Straight up I blew my ankle out just before the La Flare fight and my hamstring 10 days before I fought in Indianapolis,  it was very unprofessional of me to think I could compete at this level with injuries and I paid for it by losing my job.

Its been about 5 months since your release from the UFC, what have you been up over the last few months?
The last five months have been great, [I've been] spending time with my new son and my wife on the Gold Coast.  I started a job on the opposite side of the country just before Xmas in civil construction which is putting great money in my bank and allowing to still train twice a days.  I took from my last fight until mid January off to let my body heal properly.

You will be fighting Jack Mason on March 1st, happy to back in the cage fighting an Englishman? 
Always happy to have an opportunity to KO an Englishman haha, just happy to be back in there. He has a tremendous amount of experience in his fights that is literally more than I will probably ever have. [He] has been fighting since before I knew what MMA was so definitely a worthy opponent. I look forward to solving the problem of the stone mason.

How familiar are you with Mason? Have you spent much time studying him?
I've changed the way I do things and now I'm training to fight, ill be in shape, ill have all my skills sharpened and ill adjust to whatever he tries to do on the night and look for the finish.  Everyone knows I'm looking to stand and fight and see who is tougher.  Lets hope he wants to put on a show for you all indulges me a little.

What do you think Mason does well and where do you think he is weak?
He is very good at smothering people and seems to get the takedown even if he has to bulldog it a little. He hasn't finished any - in my opinion, elite fighters and has decisions over lower level guys.  I think his striking and movement is his weakest part.

Mason has 14 submissions victories to his name, how do you feel about going to the ground with him?
The 3 times I've been finished I have been submitted so it must be where he thinks he has the best chance to win.  He hasn't submitted any world class or elite guys and I'm comfortable where ever the fight goes. Yes I got caught in my last fight but I can win a fight from any position.

How has your camp gone for this fight, and where have you done your camp? At home on the Gold Coast?
I've done [my] camp for this fight in Western Australia which is the opposite side of the country to where I'm from. I've had great training in every aspect so I feel that we completed camp well and I'm happy. 

Pendred announced this week that he was vacating the welterweight title, how many wins away do you feel you are from a title shot? Do you think a big win over Mason could make you next in line to fight the winner of Sergei Churilov vs. Nicolas Dalby?
Always hard to say how many wins, a quiet mouth never gets fed right?  After I finish Mason in Dublin I don't know we will see what happens.

The 170lb division is one of the most talent rich division Cage Warriors has, how much do you know about the other guys that will be fighting it out for the title along side you this year such as Danny Roberts, Simeon Thoresen, Matt Inman, Gael Grimaud etc.
Don't know many. I know Danny is a beast, Gael - X champ, Pendred - about to be in the UFC and my buddy Bruno, I know Gael Ko'd him ....... redemption?

Who would you say is your biggest threat on route to the title?
Going to decision with Mason takes me out off the elite category and will slow things down.

Finally Benny how do you see yourself winning your fight with Mason on Saturday?
By submission !

Cage Warriors 65 takes place March 1st, at the Helix in Dublin, Ireland. Tickets are on sale now HERE

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Video: UFC Newcomer Alan Omer Highlight Video

Video: UFC Newcomer Alan Omer Highlight Video 
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

Video: UFC Newcomer Alan Omer Highlight Video 
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

News broke earlier today that The UFC had signed Alan Omar; the Iraqi born featherweight meets Jim Alers at UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi.

Ahead of his debut against Alers, check out this sweet little highlight video put together by Omars management team a few years back.

6 new fights added to UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi: Nogueira vs. Nelson

6 new fights added to UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi: Nogueira vs. Nelson

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organisation has announced that tickets for UFC FIGHT NIGHT ABU DHABI: NOGUEIRA vs. NELSON will go on sale to UFC Fight Club® members on Monday 24th February at 12 p.m. GST, to FLASH pre-registration and UFC Newsletter subscribers on Tuesday 25th February at 12 p.m. GST, and on general sale from 1 p.m. GST on Wednesday 26th February.

The event, which will be held on Yas Island, is the second of six Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) FIGHT NIGHTS to be held throughout 2014. Tickets are priced between 695 AED and 3,695 AED, and are available from

Headlining a fantastic evening of fights is former interim heavyweight champion (#13) Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira (34-8-1, 1 NC, in professional MMA and fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), aka “Big Nog”, battling Roy “Big Country” Nelson (19-9, fighting out of Las Vegas, Nev.) in a five round fight that will catapult the victor back into the elite of the division. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace and legend of the sport, (#13) Nogueira has notable wins over former UFC champions Ricco Rodriguez, Josh Barnett, Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture. Tenth-ranked Nelson, a fan favourite, stormed onto the UFC scene by winning The Ultimate Fighter® Heavyweights tournament in 2009 and has garnered an impressive four Knock Out of the Night bonuses since.

The co-main event will feature a dynamic featherweight match-up between Clay “The Carpenter” Guida and Tatsuya “The Crusher” Kawajiri. Kawajiri (33-7-2, fighting out of Ibaraki, Japan) is on a scintillating run having won his last six bouts, including his UFC debut against Sean Soriano in Singapore in January. Ninth-ranked Guida (30-11, fighting out of Albuquerque, N.M.), has fought an incredible 18 times inside the Octagon® and developed a reputation as one of the UFC’s most exciting fighters in amassing five Fight of the Night bonuses and being the only person to defeat current lightweight champion Anthony Pettis in the UFC.

Polish heavyweight Daniel Omielanczuk (16-3-1, 1NC, fighting out of Warsaw, Poland) will match up against Jared “The Big Show” Rosholt (9-1, fighting out of Arlington, Texas), with both men coming off big wins in their UFC debuts and looking to make it two in a row.

Also facing off the Octagon® will be middleweights Andrew “Highlight” Craig and Chris Camozzi. Craig (9-2, fighting out of Houston, Texas), last competed in a Fight of the Night barnburner against Luke Barnatt at UFC® FIGHT NIGHT MANCHESTER. Camozzi (19-7, fighting out of Lakewood, Colo.), a veteran of the UFC since 2010, has never been knocked out in his career and will try to use that toughness to earn a big win over a tough competitor in Craig.

Brazilian grappling champion Rani Yahya (19-8, fighting out of Brasilia, Brazil) moves down to bantamweight as he looks to begin a run to the top of the division against battle-tested veteran, Johnny “Brutal” Bedford (19-11-1, fighting out of Ft. Worth, Texas).

Turkey’s Alptekin ‘The Turkish Delight” Ozkilic (9-2, fighting out of St. Louis, Mo.) goes head-to-head with American Dustin Ortiz (12-3, fighting out of Franklin, Tenn.) in a flyweight battle, while The Ultimate Fighter® Season 13 runner up Ramsey Nijem (9-4, fighting out of Orem, Utah) will face the undefeated Beneil Dariush (7-0, fighting out of Yorba Linda, Calif.) in a clash of rising lightweights.

Ryan LaFlare (10-0, fighting out of Farmingdale, N.Y.) will put his undefeated MMA career on the line when he faces Boston’s John Howard (22-8) in a welterweight bout. Jim “The Beast” Alers (12-1, fighting out of Orlando, FL) will face the Iraqi Alan Omer (18-3) in a featherweight bout with both men making their UFC debuts.

The final fight on the card will see accomplished wrestler Trevor Smith (11-4, fighting out of Tukwila, Wash.) against former title challenger Thales Leites (22-4, fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in a battle of gritty middleweights both coming off wins and looking to keep their momentum going

Europa MMA 1 Adds Mohammad Babadivand vs Peter Ligier

Europa MMA 1 Adds Mohammad Babadivand vs Peter Ligier
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

A bantamweight battle pitting Sweden vs France has been added to Europa MMA's inaugural card.

Undefeated Swedish prospect Mohammad Babadivand ( 3-0-1) will meet also undefeated Peter Ligier (2-0) of France in March.

Europa MMA 1 takes place March 22nd, at the Brentwood Centre, Essex and is headlined by Germany’s no.2 and Sweden’s no.2 ranked featherweights Max Coga and Niklas Backstrom. Tickets are now on sale HERE.

A Product of Sweden's All Star Training Center along side UFC fighters such as Papy Abedi, Nicholas Musike, and Magnus Cebenblad, Mohammad Babadivand joins team Niklas Backstom on Europa MMA's inaugural card. Babadivand made his professional debut in 2008 put together a 4 fight undefeated run between '08 and 2010 when he last fought. Babadivand has finish 2 of 3 of his victories inside the distance.

His opponent Peter Ligier fights for the 3rd time in his young career, having made his debut at Knock Out Championships 6 in April. A relatively unknown quantity, Ligier is a submission specialist and has submitted both of his opponents in the first round. Europa MMA marks the first time Ligier fights for the first time out side of his native France.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on Europa MMA 1

Alexander Shlemenko Signs Multi-Fight Contract Extension with Bellator

Alexander Shlemenko Signs Multi-Fight Contract Extension with Bellator

When reigning Bellator Middleweight Champion Alexander Shlemenko steps into the cage on March 28th, the 29-year-old Russian finisher will not only be looking for his incredible 50th win, but will also be fighting with a new contract in hand as Bellator has announced a long term extension for the man known simply as “Storm”.
“Bellator has been my home for many years, and it’s where I want to be,” Shlemenko said. “Bjorn made me a promise and he lived up to that promise to provide me with a new deal. I have made a home here at Bellator, and I will continue to represent Russia in my efforts in the cage. I have gained millions of new fans both in the US and in Russia and around the world during my time with Bellator, and I will enjoy being Bellator’s longest running champion. I will continue wearing that belt with honor during my time with Bellator, which will now be at the peak of my career.”
Currently riding a twelve-fight win streak that includes victories over Brett Cooper, Maiquel Falcao, Doug Marshall and Vitor Vianna, Shlemenko will defend his crown against Season 9 Tournament winner Brennan Ward on March 28th live on Spike. As one of the true Russian ambassadors for the sport, Shlemenko is set to reign over the Bellator Middleweight division for years thanks to his extension.
“Alexander Shlemenko has been with this organization since its infancy, and has grown into one of the most dominant champions in MMA,” Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney said. “I can say without hesitation Alexander has been a large part of the success we have enjoyed over the last five years and as the biggest name in Russian MMA, he’s been the catalyst to the largest TV deal in the history of MMA in Russia.  It’s an honor to have him fight in this organization. I look forward to watching his career continue inside the Bellator cage for years to come.”

Brett Johns Defends Title Against James Brum at CWFC 67 in Swansea

Brett Johns Defends Title Against James Brum at CWFC 67 in Swansea

CWFC bantamweight champion Brett Johns (Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors)
Cage Warriors Fighting Championship bantamweight title-holder Brett Johns is set to put his belt on the line in his native Wales.

Johns (9-0) will take on James Brum on Saturday, April 12, 2014, when the promotion travels to Swansea for the first time for CWFC 67.

The highly-anticipated meeting of Johns and Brum will headline the bill at The LC, having originally been scheduled for CWFC 62 in Newcastle this past December, until an injury forced the champion to withdraw.

Undefeated Johns climbed to the summit of the CWFC bantamweight division at Cage Warriors 59 last September in Cardiff, when he overcame both David Haggstrom and Jordan Desborough in the same evening to win the promotion’s four-man 135lbs title tournament.

A judo black belt, Johns debuted for Cage Warriors in October 2012 as a featherweight, when he impressively overcame Sam Gilbert by unanimous decision. His next CWFC win came via second-round TKO at the expense of James MacAlister at Cage Warriors 54 in May of last year.
“I’m really thankful to Cage Warriors to giving me the chance to defend my belt in my hometown,” said Johns. “I’m training harder than ever and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the gold around my waist.

“Thanks to James Brum for accepting the fight. He’s been one of the best fighters in Britain for years and it will be good to throw down with him.”
Brum (14-2) competes for the CWFC bantamweight title on the back of putting together a 7-0 streak under the Cage Warriors banner since making his debut for the promotion in February 2012.

A 26-year-old native of Portsmouth, England, Brum hasn’t tasted defeat since facing current UFC star Erik Perez back in September 2011.

Brum was named CWFC Fighter of the Year for 2012, courtesy of victories over Leandro Gontijo, Thomas Back, James Saville and Moktar Benkaci, before continuing his winning streak in 2013 against Olivier Pastor, Ruslan Abiltarov and - most recently, at December’s Cage Warriors 61 in Amman - Marat Pekov.
Brum said: “I’ve been training with the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world at Team Alpha Male in preparation for this fight, and I’ve told the boys that I’ll be bringing my new shiny gold belt with me when I return to California.

“In Swansea on April 12 I’ll be delivering a first taste of defeat to Brett Johns in his own backyard, before walking out as the new Cage Warriors Fighting Championship bantamweight champion.”

Love vs. Paraisy, Lasota vs. Marin, & Hill vs. James Added to Cage Warriors Fight Night 10

Love vs. Paraisy, Lasota vs. Marin, & Hill vs. James Added to Cage Warriors Fight Night 10

Officials can today confirm the first batch of bouts for CWFC Fight Night 10, which takes place at the King Hussein Youth City Boxing Arena in Amman, Jordan, on Friday, March 28.

The event, which will be CWFC’s fourth in as many countries in 2014, will feature a big middleweight bout between Allan Love and Norman Paraisy (pictured), an exciting flyweight clash between Marcin Lasota and Paul Marin, as well as the meeting of English featherweights Dave Hill and Liam James.

Paraisy (13-3-2), a 27-year-old Frenchman, is undefeated in his last four bouts, including a win over Leeroy Barnes and a draw with Chris Fields under the CWFC banner.

A former TUF contestant and three-fight Bellator veteran, Paraisy has been stopped just once in 18 bouts.

Love (11-4), who has taken all 11 career wins inside the distance, returns to fight for CWFC for the third time in his career, on the back of a four-fight win-streak.

Most recently, the 30-year-old Scotsman overcame previously unbeaten Russian prospect Magomed Magomedov and experienced Brazilian Alan Carlos.

Elsewhere, Lasota (7-0) is an unbeaten Polish fighter who has built up a reputation as one of Europe’s top prospects since making his professional debut in 2011.

Ranked as Poland’s top bantamweight, the 24-year-old will be making his flyweight debut against Paul Marin in the Jordanian capital.

Marin (7-3) had an impressive 2013 with Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, competing four times for the promotion.

Following losses to ex-CWFC champions Paul McVeigh and Neil Seery, the 29-year-old Romanian rebounded to defeat Shaj Haque and Spencer Hewitt.

Meanwhile, former CWFC featherweight title contender Dave Hill will be aiming for back-to-back wins for the first time since 2010 when he clashes with Liam James at CWFC Fight Night 10.

Twenty-eight-year-old Hill (11-3), who has eight submission victories on his ledger, bounced back from his loss to Conor McGregor with a convincing win over Brian Moore at CWFC 59 in Cardiff last September.

A six-fight CWFC veteran, James (8-6) will be keen to get back in the win column following his December defeat to Ian Entwistle at CWFC 62 in Newcastle.

To date, the 29-year-old holds three CWFC victories - over Jean N’Doye, Stephen Coll and Akhad Mammadov.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

UFC 170 Review: Rousey and Cormier remain unbeaten

Kingdom MMA Review of UFC 170

by Sam Heard @SamHeard_

Another UFC event is in the books and – it must be said – compared to the lacklustre events fans have witnessed so far in 2014, this one was actually very enjoyable. With several notable attendees there to experience a night at the fights including Will Smith with family and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the event certainly delivered overall. While the main card was generally outstanding, this was primarily thanks to the fights outside the main and co-main events (which were on both counts painfully one sided).


For a long time now Sara McMann has been slated as the woman to eventually dethrone Rousey, utilising her Olympic-level wrestling to neutralise the champion’s judo. Despite this lofty praise, when this fight was announced back in December, many believed that McMann had been given the title shot too soon and she would be far better off amassing more MMA experience.

These fears were confirmed yesterday when Rousey picked up the TKO win over McMann coming via a wicked knee to the liver. The stoppage resulted in a chorus of boos from the fans in attendance, who believed Herb Dean stepped in prematurely – Herb seems to be on bad form of late … It’s unfortunate as until that point McMann and Ronda had been throwing bombs at each other in a highly entertaining first minute.

It was believed that the chink in McMann’s armour would be her striking and – whether you dispute the stoppage or not – this was confirmed last night. McMann did show flashes of promise though; she managed to stuff the hip toss of Ronda which was so dominant in her last match.

Next in line to face Ronda will likely be Alexis Davis who picked up a huge win on the undercard, though Cyborg’s recent announcement that she will be dropping to 135-lbs could throw a spanner in the works.

Result: Ronda Rousey def. Sara McMann via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 1:06


This one went exactly according to the script as DC made his Light Heavyweight debut with a bulldozing victory over UFC debutant Patrick Cummins. DC was as high as a 1/16 favourite with UK bookmakers and, as the odds suggest, he made short work of Rashad Evan’s late replacement.

The former Olympic wrestler barely utilised any of his wrestling skills as he quickly rocked the newcomer with a vicious uppercut from the clinch. This visibly stunned Cummins triggering DC’s killer instinct to swarm him with punches till the then-unbeaten Light Heavyweight collapsed under the relentless pressure, making it an easy call for Mario Yamasaki to step in.

I was never a fan of this fight. Props to Patrick Cummins for stepping up, but making your UFC debut in the co-main event of a PPV against a guy like Cormier does not make for good viewing. Though I expect the UFC to use this win to hype DC fighting at 205-lbs, realistically it proves absolutely nothing. Here’s hoping that we’ll see that DC vs Rashad fight in the not-too-distant future.

Result: Daniel Cormier def. Patrick Cummins via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:19


In what would receive ‘Fight of the Night’ honours, we saw the clash of two top Welterweight fighters coming off loses looking to put their names back in the title mix. It would pit the awesome BJJ skills of Demian Maia against the more well-rounded Rory Macdonald, or in other words the timeless grappler vs striker matchup.

In the first round Maia scored a quick takedown and – for what remained of the five minute – displayed his amazing BJJ to dominate Macdonald on the ground. Every time Rory attempted an escape of a sweep Demian would be two moves ahead in a highly compelling chess match taking place on the ground. To his credit, Macdonald managed to survive the round and took the fight to Maia in the second, using his rangy attacks to bloody-up and rock the former Middleweight title contender on the feet.

Going into the third round it was unquestionably one round apiece. Macdonald had inflicted the more damage but if Maia could somehow take Rory back down to his world he could steal the win. Though Maia was able to get the quick takedown, Macdonald displayed grappling skills of his own to stand-up and continue the fight on the feet. He then continued to win the final round on the feet, easily stuffing the remainder of the Brazilian’s takedown attempts.

Rory may now be in a position where he is next in line to challenge the winner of the Hendricks vs Lawler match-up as he showed the aggression many believed he’d been lacking in his more recent fights.

Result: Rory MacDonald def. Demain Maia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

MIKE PYLE (26-9-1 MMA, 9-4 UFC) VS. T.J. WALDBURGER (16-9 MMA, 4-4 UFC)

Experience triumphed over youth in this Welterweight clash as veteran Mike Pyle was able to get the late TKO stoppage over Waldburger.

Waldburger has built a name for himself for being an all-or-nothing style fighter – either he’ll pick up a flashy submission victory or he’ll be unconscious on the mat. Who needs judges, eh? True to form, this one didn’t hit the scorecards as a late flurry from Pyle which started with a spinning back fist rocked Waldburger, forcing him to shoot for a half-hearted takedown. Pyle reversed the attempt and found himself on top of Waldburger, raining down some of the heaviest elbows you’re ever likely to see in MMA. It was clear that Waldburger – who is known for his suspect chin – was out but still referee Herb dean didn’t jump in, making for some highly uncomfortable viewing. It was only after several more nasty looking shots landed that the fight was stopped. It’s really not been your year, has it Herb?

Result: Mike Pyle def. T.J. Waldburger via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 4:03


This was always going to be one of those blink-and-it’ll-be-over type matchups as these two strikers met in the Octagon; Stephen Thompson’s unpredictable karate style would take on the more powerful boxing of Aussie Robert Whittaker.

Though the fight was over quickly, Thompson was able to display some beautiful karate techniques. Using a traditional karate stance and his reach advantage he was able to keep Whittaker on the outside while landing plentiful front kicks, body kicks and leg kicks. Though Thompson kept his hands low throughout, Whittaker’s well-documented power was nullified by this ranged assault. Frustration set in on the Australian TUF Smashes winner as he began to rush in, eventually resulting in him being clipped with a crisp straight right which rocked him and allowed Thompson to pounce for the finish.

With a big win over a tough opponent, Wonderboy is likely going to be in a position to push for a top ten 170-lb opponent.

Result: Stephen Thompson def. Robert Whittaker via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 3:43

ufc 170 Results: Alexis Davis potentially puts herself next in line for the 135lb title fight

UFC 170 Results: Davis defeats Eye by Split Decision

by Ben Heather @benheather

This battle between two of the best 135lb women in the UFC could decide who will be the next contender for the women's bantamweight title which will be contested later tonight. Only time will tell who will be the champion later but if Ronda Rousey wins I see the winner from this fight being the next in line.

Round 1
Davis starts the round with some leg kicks always targeting the left leg of Jessica Eye. It doesn't take long before Davis locks in a nice Thai clinch and lands a couple of knees to the body and thighs in the clinch.
Just over a minute in to the fight Davis is mixing up her kicks and lands a front kick to the head but then the fight gets clinched against the cage where it stays until the ref steps in to break the women up. Davis goes back to working the left leg before moving up to the body. The fight returns to being clinched against the cage and this time it is Eye who has her back against the cage. The fight returns to the middle and Davis gets the takedown with ease and has 30 seconds left to work on the floor in half guard but can't find any space to lock in a submission as the round ends. A very close round which I believe Davis may have stolen with the late takedown.

Round 2
Round 2 starts the same way as the first as Davis comes out with some leg kicks, still targeting the left leg of Jessica Eye. Just after the minute mark of the round Davis catches a kick and takes Eye down landing in half guard. Davis is controlling the fight on the ground doing enough to keep the fight down without doing any real damage. However, with 90 seconds left it looks like Eye was giving up her back to prevent the body attacks from Davis but Davis keeps her in half guard. With 20 seconds left Davis lands some big hammer fists to the head and Eye clearly had no answer for Davis on the ground. The first round may have been close but the second was very one sided with Davis controlling 4 minutes of the round on the floor.

Round 3
Again as every round has started Davis lands more leg kicks but now Eye begins to catch the kicks but cant find any counters. With 3 minutes of the fight left Eye catches Davis with a left hook when Davis was going for more leg strikes. At the half way point Davis lands a big body shot but nothing more comes from it. As both women exchange on the feet its Eye who is landing the harder strikes with 90 seconds left. Now Eye is trying to give Davis a taste of her own medicine by working her legs. The remainder of the fight sees both women picking there punches but no hard punches are landed. I think Eye won the last and certainly by keeping the fight standing had a much better round but it was too little to late in my opinion.

The judges agree and score the fight 29-28 Eye, 29-28 Davis and 29-28 Davis. It goes in to the books as a split decision victory for Alexis Davis and the crowd react with some boos which I don't understand as to me it was clearly 29-28 to Davis.

Davis could have just booked herself a date with the winner of the main event tonight, only time will tell but if not she is doing a good job at clearing out some of the other contenders to the belt.

UFC 170 Results: Raphael Assuncao Beats Pedro Munhoz 30-27 to go 6-0 in The UFC Bantamweight Division

UFC 170 Results: Raphael Assuncao Beats Pedro Munhoz 30-27 to go 6-0 in The UFC Bantamweight Division
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

The stakes were high for number 3 ranked Raphael Assuncao going in the the bout with undefeated Pedro Munhoz with a title shot against Renan Barao likely next for the Brazilian with an impressive victory. While Assuncao came through to win the bout 30-27, the former RFA Bantamweight champion Munhoz proved to be a tougher opponent for Assuncao then some may have expect, and showed he why his has been tipped to be a future star in the UFCs Bantamweight Division

Assuncao started the bout landing a couple of hard leg kicks which Munhoz following up with some nice leg kicks of his own. Assuncao connected with a couple a jabs and an overhand right, but the majority of Assuncao's offense is being blocked by Munhoz. looking confident with his striking Assuncao continued to throw punches, with Munhoz only really offering a descent low kick. Assuncao attempted a spinning back kick the mid-section of Munhoz which lands on the fighters arms, and Munhoz attempts a trip but is unsuccessful. scores the round 10-9 Assuncao

The second starts with Munhoz looking to land the leg kick again, which is starting to cause noticeable damage to Assuncao and causes the fighter to switch stance. Assuncao catches a kick from Munhoz who he pushes to the ground. The highly decorated BJJ belt Munhoz immediately attacks the leg of Assuncao looking for a heel-hook but Assuncao is able to spin out to end up on top. Assuncao starts raining down some huge ground and pound on Munhoz but the defeated prospect is able to get back to his feet to the applause of the crowd, which is now starting to fill up nicely since the opening bout. Munhoz press the action but Assuncao is able to get another take down where he pounds away on Munhoz until the bell. scores the round 10-9 Assuncao putting the fighter 20-18 up.

After a lively 2nd round we go into the 3rd, with Assuncao looking to assert control over the fight. Munhoz continued to press forward in the 3rd and is by far the aggressor in this fight, but his striking just isn't on the level of Assuncao. Both men trade for the majority of the round with Assuncao getting the better of the exchanges. The round finishes with Assuncao securing a takedown which should was enough to take the bout 30-27 on all 3 judges score cards.

Raphael Accuncao improves to 6-0 in the bantamweight division which should be enough to set up an all Brazilian title fight with Renao Barao.

UFC 170 Results: Aljamain Sterling out points Cody Gibson

UFC 170: Aljamain Sterling vs Cody Gibson

by Ben Heather @benheather

Aljamain Sterling came in to the fight at UFC 170 with a lot of hype and why not after all he was coming in undefeated and from one of the best camps in MMA. The Serra Longo fighter certainly lived up to the hype during the fight. Cody Gibson did his best throughout the fight and made it a real dog fight.

Round 1
Sterling comes out wanting to make an impression in his UFC debut landing a couple of head kicks including a front kick within the first minute. Gibson then decides that he will not be shown up and both men attempt but miss some flashy kicks. Gibson attempts a takedown but can't complete it and lets go of the clinch but it doesn't take long for him to complete the takedown as he gets Sterling down a couple of seconds later. Again, Sterling isn't kept down for long and gets back up to his feet. This time Sterling drags Cody down and rolls in to full guard from the back of Gibson where he works the body and head while down. Gibson gets back up and they exchange on the feet before Sterling drags the fight to the cage wall where he is working his knees. Mixing up the placement between the body and the legs of Gibson.
Sterling 10-9

Round 2
The second round starts and Gibson catches a kick from Sterling and lands a punch. The fight goes back to clinching against the cage and its Sterling again trying to land the knees but Gibson is working the legs looking to take Sterling down. Two minutes in to the round he finally gets the trip. Again, like the first Sterling gets straight back up before being dumped back down on the floor. This time as Sterling attempts to get back up Gibson keeps hold of his back but nothing comes from it and they are back on the fence clinching. With 1:20 of the round left they finally come away from the cage and its not long before Gibson goes for another takedown. Both men then scramble to get position and Sterling goes for a double leg with 25 seconds left but gets caught in a guillotine by Gibson. The choke is not tight enough and Sterling gets out and makes it to the end of the round. Gibson evens the fight as it goes to the third round.

Round 3
The first real action of the third is when Sterling picks up and slams Gibson down 30 seconds in to the round. Sterling is doing just enough to keep the fight down and with 90 seconds gone Sterling attempts to lock in a D'arce choke. Sterling isn't able to complete the choke and lets go before he burns out his arms. Cody then tries to lock in a guillotine and tries to drag Sterling down but loses his grip and ends up on the bottom with Sterling in full guard. Sterling moves to half guard and works the body of Gibson from the bottom some of the shots seem to hurt Cody and he gives up his back to try and get out of the position with 90 secs left. With 45 seconds left Sterling locks the body triangle in and with 30 seconds left he is looking to finish the fight and locks in a Rear Naked Choke but again can't complete it. Sterling ends the fight on the back of Gibson throwing and landing bombs.

This was a great fight and Sterling takes the win 29-28 on all of the judges score cards. He also looks to be a real talent and the hype was well deserved for this fighter. I look forward to seeing him back in the Octagon in the near future.

UFC 170 Results: Zach Makovsky Downs Josh Sampo by Unanimous Decision

UFC 170 Results: Zach Makovsky Downs Josh Sampo by Unanimous Decision
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

Zak Makovsky staked his claim as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC flyweight division at UFC 170 downing fellow contender Josh Sampo in dominating fashion.

The former Bellator bantamweigh showed fantastic, well timed take downs to simply out classed his Mike Rogers' gym opponent on route to a clear cut unanimous decision victory. 

Sampo opened the bout with a switch leg kick which landed nicely on Makovsky before Makovsky shot in for a takedown which saw Makovsky pick Sampo up and slam his opponent down down to put Sampo on his back. Sampo showed some great offense from his back showing an active submission game before letting off some close call up-kicks, which narrowly missed and allowed Sampo to get to his feet. Sampo landed some pretty descent shots in the clinch once the bout returned to a standing position with Makovsky returing with a knee to the body to finish out the round. Makovsky takes this round 10-9.

Round 2 started with a big headkick from Makovsky which was partially blocked, before getting a takedown which Sampo was able to quickly bounced back up from. After trading a few jabs, Makovsky was able to land a couple more takedowns which although Sampo was able to get up from, they will have scored points on the judges score card. Sampo attempted a Kimura at the end of the 2nd but ran out of time. Makovsky takes round 2, to go 20-18 up.

Going into round 3 Sampo was easily 2 rounds down on the judges score, and needed a finish. Sampo came out aggressive throwing kicks and punches but could get much to land on the elusive Makovsky. 1 minute into the round the fighter meet throwing punches and Sampo was able to push Makovsky to the ground to land up on top near the cage.  Sampo tried to work Makovsky but couldn't manage to get anything going with Makovsky getting to his feet to land a take down of his own. The fight finshed how it started with Makovsky in top posistion with Sampo trying to get off offense from the bottom. An argument could be made for Sampo winning this round, but it wouldn't matter in the end.

After 15 minutes, the judges score the bout 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 in favor of Makovsky who improves to 18-4 and won't be far off a top 5 place in the flyweight division following this dominating victory over Josh Sampo. Sampo's record moves to 11-3. 

UFC 170 Results: Erik Koch TKOs Rafaello Oliveira in Impressive Fashion

UFC 170 Results: Erik Koch TKOs Rafaello Oliveira in Impressive fashion
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts

Duke Roufus prodigy, Erik Koch returned to the 155lb division, and back to the win column with an impressive first round TKO victory over Rafaello Oliveira.

Fighting for the first time since his August loss to Dustin Poirier, Koch entered the bout hoping to bounce back with a win over BJJ black belt Rafaello Oliveira and make a name for himself in a new division. It's safe to say he did both.

The bout kicked off in surprising fashion with Oliveira coming out the aggressor, looking to land some hard, but wild shots. Oliveira went for a leaping knee which left the fghter open for a straight left from Koch which dropped the New Jersey based Brazilian lightweight. Koch followed the fight to the ground, getting in Oliveira's guard and began raining down, laser-beam accurate ground and pound which left referee Yves Lavigne with no choice but to stop the fight at the 1.24 mark, impoving Koch's record to 14-3, and earning the Cedar Rapids born fighter his 10th career stoppage.

Following the bout Koch told interviewing Joe Rogan it had become too difficult for his maturing frame to make 145lb, and fighting as a lightweight will allow him to show what his is really capable, as he did tonight.

UFC 170 Results: Ernest Chavez defeats Yosdenis Cedeno to Open Up UFC 170

UFC 170 Results Ernest Chavez defeats Yosdenis Cedeno to Open Up UFC 170
by Chris Houten - @mrhouts
A welterweight match up between Ernest Chavez (6-0) and Yosdenis Cedeno (9-2), both of who were making their UFC debuts kicked off UFC 170 to a largely empty Mandalay Bay Events Center, in Las Vegas. The fans who have yet to arrive at the event need not worry though, as they didn't really miss much.

Round 1 started with the bookies favourite, Cedeno throwing a couple of hard body shots and landing with a couple of decent leg kicks, while Chavez looked to close the distance. Chavez offered little offense during the first round until around the 1.30 mark where he was able to capitalise on a missed wheel kick from Cedeno and get the fight to ground where Chavez quickly showed he was far more advanced than the Cuban black belt. Cedeno was able to stand up before the bell, Chavez showed great positioning to have achieved full mount and take the back of Cedeno, and assert some domination.

Round 2 started exactly how round 1 did. Cedeno came out looking to land big shots but Chavez was able to get the take down - again off a kick from Cedeno, and proceeded to look for the submission which show the BJJ purple belt again take the back of Cedeno, however a posistioning mistake from Chavez allowed the noticable tired Cereno to get to his feet.

Going into round 3 both fighters will have felt like the bout was even after 2 rounds, with the winner of round 3 winning the bout. The first couple of minutes of round 3 saw both men trade shots, with not much action. Cerano picked up the action in the last couple of minutes throwing a a couple of headkicks and some pretty hard punches which were mainly blocked. The round ended as it started with neither man looking like they wanted to push the other in an attempt to win the fight.

The judges scored the bout 29-28 Chavez, 29-28 Cedeno, & 30-27 Chavez who remains undefeated in his mixed martial arts career, extending his win streak to 7, while Cedeno moves to 9-3.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy Joins UFC FIGHT PASS

Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy to begin new role within the UFC

Former UFC title challenger Dan Hardy to serve as colour commentator for six exclusive live events. Hardy will join John Gooden and Andy Friedlander in all new broadcast team.

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy - the popular and charismatic former UFC welterweight title contender - will serve as the color commentator for six UFC Fight Night events to be screened exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS, the UFC announced on Friday.

Known for his punching power, punk rock Mohawk hairstyle and quick wit, Hardy remains the only British fighter to ever challenge for a UFC title, losing in a memorably courageous performance to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 111 in March 2010.

Hardy has a MMA record of 25-10, 1NC, but is currently off the active roster having been diagnosed with a rare heart condition a year ago. Although Hardy, still only 31, continues to train in MMA he is fully focused on his new position within the UFC.

Hardy’s first assignment at Octagonside will come on March 8, when he will be calling the action at the same O2 Arena in London where he twice competed as a UFC welterweight contender.

The Briton said:
“I’m very excited to be putting on the headset for the UFC. I’ve got the same nerves and butterflies that I had when I first signed for the company as a fighter back in 2008. I think I can bring a great perspective to the color commentator’s role. Researching and breaking down UFC fighters and fights is what I’ve been doing for over 10 years now, only now I am not just concentrating on my own division, but every division. I think I bring a different perspective to the role. Not only have I fought and trained with some of the best fighters in the world, I think I’ve had one of the most varied careers in the history of the UFC.

“If we only look at my 6-4 record in the UFC, I’ve done it all. I’ve knocked people out and I’ve been knocked out. I’ve headlined huge Pay-Per-Views and I’ve fought on the prelims. I’ve fought guys I liked and respected, and I’ve fought in grudge matches. I’ve been in every high-pressure situation a fighter can find himself in, from challenging a pound-for-pound champion like Georges St-Pierre, to fighting in my hometown with all my family and friends in the front row, to fighting to stay in the UFC when I was 0-4 a couple of years ago.

“I’ve packed a lot of experience into my 10 fights in the UFC, and I’m looking forward to sharing that experience and insight with the fans.”
 UFC Chief Content Officer Marshall Zelaznik added:
“Dan is extremely popular among our fans, and we are very excited that he will be bringing his wealth of experience to six of the upcoming 2014 UFC FIGHT PASS Fight Nights.

“I’d like to add that, as popular as Dan is, he auditioned for the position. And he blew us away with his audition and got the job because he is the best candidate. He has a unique perspective and style of delivery which I know UFC FIGHT PASS subscribers will enjoy.”
Hardy will be part of an all-British announcing team for the six exclusive UFC FIGHT PASS events which will emanate from the British Isles, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

Sitting next to the Outlaw at Octagonside will be veteran mixed martial arts play-by-play broadcaster John Gooden, while the vastly experienced emcee Andy Friedlander will be introducing fighters from inside the Octagon, serving as the Octagon announcer.

Gooden has earned his reputation on the European mixed martial arts circuit as an insightful play-by-play man and television pundit. Hailing from Greater London, he has competed at a national level in both judo and karate and trained for the last decade in Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Gooden will now call mixed martial arts events exclusively for the UFC.

Friedlander brings a wealth of experience to his role as the voice of the Octagon. He has served as the major event emcee at the famed 90,000 seater Wembley Stadium in London for over a decade, hosting over 100 globally televised football matches including two UEFA Champions League finals. He has served in a similar position at Twickenham Stadium - the home of English Rugby Union - and has also become a fixture at major boxing events across the UK. Like his new colleagues, Friedlander is a passionate MMA fan and student of the sport. He currently trains under former UFC veteran Jess Liaudin.

March is a huge month for UFC FIGHT PASS subscribers. On March 1, UFC FIGHT PASS will be the only place to see UFC Fight Night Macau, headlined by a welterweight battle between “Stun Gun” Kim and John Hathaway. Then comes the stacked March 8 London card headlined by No.1 ranked light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson taking on unbeaten British banger Jimi “Posterboy” Manuwa and, on March 9, subscribers will witness the hotly-anticipated season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil: Team Wanderlei vs Team Sonnen.

UFC Fight Pass is now available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It will be rolled out in additional markets throughout 2014, continue to check UFC.TV for updates. Content will vary country to country according to local television blackout rules.

All bouts live and subject to change. Visit and or more information.

Stars of UFC London predict who will win at UFC 170

Phil Harris, Danny Mitchell and Brad Scott predict UFC 170

by Ben Heather @benheather

Normally before all the UFC events we put out our own predictions picking who we think will win and our reasoning for why. This week we thought we would try and mix it up and instead of giving you our picks we have instead asked some of the best UK fighters, who will all be showcasing their skills in the Octagon in a little over 2 weeks at UFC Fight Night 38 in London.

The fighters who will be predicting the fights for this event are:

Phil Harris (1-2 UFC 22-11-1 MMA)

The english flyweight who meets Louis Gaudinot in London. That fight will kick off the show in London and is sure to be a great battle between two tough flyweights. Phil will be looking to return to London in the UFC and get his hand raised again as he did in February '13 when he defeated Ulysses Gomez.

Danny Mitchell (14-4-1 MMA)

The Cheescake Assassin will make his UFC debut next month against Igor Araujo. Mitchell has a very good record and is a welcome addition to the UFC roster. Mitchell has faced a lot of top opppnents including Dean Amasinger, Gunnar Nelson and also fought to a draw against former Cage Warriors Welterweight champion Cathal Pendred.

Brad Scott (1-1 UFC 9-2 MMA)

First became a familiar name to UFC fans when he was part of Team UK on TUF: The Smashes where he made it all the way to the final of the welterweight bracket. He would lose that fight against Robert Whittaker but then moved up to middleweight. He made his UFC middleweight debut against Michael Kuiper in Manchester finishing him in the first round and will return to action again in London.

So lets get down to business, below you will find the predictions for the fighters.

Ronda Rousey vs Sara McMann

Harris: Rousey by Decision

Mitchell: Rousey by Submission Round 1

Scott: McMann by Decision

Daniel Cormier vs Pat Cummins

Harris: Cormier by TKO Round 1

Mitchell: Cormier by Decision

Scott: Cormier by KO

Rory MacDonald vs Demian Maia 

Harris: MacDonald by Decision

Mitchell: Macdonald by TKO Round 2

Scott: MacDonald by Decision

Mike Pyle vs TJ Waldburger

Harris: Waldburger by Decision

Mitchell: Pyle by TKO Round 1

Scott: Pyle by Decision

Robert Whittaker vs Stephen Thompson

Harris: Whittaker by TKO Round 2/3

Mitchell: Whittaker by Decision

Scott: Whittaker by TKO Round 2/3

There you have it, we would like to thank all the fighters for picking who they think will win and we will see on Saturday night who comes out with the most correct results.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brad Pickett Meets Cage Warrior Champion Neil Seery at UFC Fight Night 37

Brad Pickett Makes his Flyweight Debut Against Irishman Neil Seery at UFC Fight Night 37
by Tommy Strong - @strong_tea

(Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors)

With just over 3 weeks until UFC Fight Night 37,  UFC officials have announced a replacement fight for Brad Pickett after seeing Ian McCall having to pull out due to an injury.

Pickett (23-8) will now make his UFC flyweight debut against Irishman Neil Seery (13-9 MMA) in London. Current Cage Warrior flyweight champion Seery, will now vacate his belt and move over to the UFC to make his debut at the age of 34.

Since joining the UFC , Pickett put together a record of 3-3 in the Bantamweight division. With losses coming against former title contenders Michael McDonald, Eddie Wineland and current Bantamweight champion Renan Barao, Pickett finds himself out of the title picture at 135, and will try a hand at a new weight.

With all the hard work that has Pickett has gone through, he will be no doubt be pleased that a fight has been found so close to the scheduled date, however a source close to the fighter told Kingdom MMA, that finding an opponent on short notice proved to be difficult:
"The UFC couldn't find anyone to take the fight with Brad" 
Having picked up 4 fight of the night bonuses and 1 knockout of the night bonus in his 6 UFC fights and Seery having finished 5 finishes of his last 6 opponents last 6 fight, fans watching on BT Sports, and those in attendance at the O2 on March 8th can no doubt expect fireworks.

With the addition of Pickett vs Seery, UFC Fight Night 37 now includes:

Also confirmed for the Main Card:
Alexander Gustafsson vs Jimi Manuwa
Melvin Guillard vs. Michael Johnson
Brad Pickett vs. Neil Seery
Omari Akhmedov vs. Gunnar Nelson

Preliminary Card: 

Cyrille Diabate vs. IIir Latifi
Luke Barnatt vs. Mats Nilsson
Bradley Scott vs. Claudio Henrique da Silva
Roland Delorme vs. Davey Grant
Igor Araujo vs. Danny Mitchell
Louis Gaudinot vs. Phil Harris

What's next for the winnners of UFC Fight Night 36

Kingdom MMA look at what’s next for the winners of UFC FN36?

by Sam Heard @SamHeard_

Lyoto Machida
Next fight: Winner of Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort (UFC 173)

Now 2-0 at Middleweight against a pair of the most dangerous fighter on the UFC roster, it would be a bold statement to suggest that Machida isn’t deserving of the next pop at the 185-lbs belt.

His speed and technical striking advantage over former Strikeforce LHW champion Gegard Mousasi were plain to see, meriting him a one-sided decision victory after five rounds. It’s worth mentioning that against virtually any other opponent Machida’s performance probably would’ve earned the stoppage – Gegard ate several huge kicks directly to the jaw which would’ve been more than enough to drop most other middleweights (and indeed smaller African elephants).

Though he hobbled after his victory, this could well work to his advantage in his pursuit of being given the next title shot. Weidman and Belfort won’t be throwing down until May 24th which means either way Machida will be forced to wait and his foot injury will prevent him being given a match-up before then.

Ronaldo Souza
Next fight: Winner of Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch (UFC 173)

There’s no denying that Souza fell behind Machida in the race to secure the next no1 contender spot.

While he was mostly untroubled against Francis Carmont, I can’t help but think he should’ve been able to secure the submission victory from the dangerous ground positions he managed to take against the Frenchman. Going into Saturday’s fight, three of Carmont’s seven career loses had come via submission so expecting someone with Jacare’s BJJ credentials to submit a fighter having taken their back multiple times isn’t a big ask.

I find the UFC’s matching of Rockhold – who looked awesome in his last appearance – against middle-of-the-line Boetsch pretty strange. If, as most fans are expecting, Rockhold beats Boetsch, Joe Silva should arrange the rematch of Rockhold and Jacare, the winner potentially being next in line after Machida.

Erick Silva
Next fight: Brandon Thatch

Silva’s match up went according to the script as he immediately blasted through heavy-underdog Takenori Sako on Saturday night.

Silva can be a tricky fighter to matchmaker for. He looks like a world-beater against lower-level UFC welterweights but as soon as he takes a step-up in competition, he finds his momentum crushed by another loss (admittedly in the loss to Dong Hyun Kim he had been dominating until the KO). I believe that if Silva actually manages to amass a few consecutive UFC wins he could be a real contender in the 170-lbs division.

A clash with the massively-hyped prospect Brandon Thatch – who had stopped all 10 of his last opponents in the very first round – would be an amazing match up. Both fighters have similar offence-based styles so seeing the two in the octagon would surely be exciting from the start. A win for either of them against the other would more than likely buy their place into the division’s top ten rankings.

Nicholas Musoke
Next fight: Winner of Thiago Alves vs. Seth Baczynski (UFC on Fox 11)

Picking up the win on Saturday in front of a hostile Brazilian crowd (and in spite of a horrific looking groin shot in round three), Swedish Nicholas Musoke looked highly impressive.

A fight with the winner of Thiago Alves and Seth Baczynski makes a lot of sense. Alves hasn’t fought for the last two years and cannot expect to jump back to the top of the Welterweight division where he once resided. Assuming he wins against Baczynski, a fight against the impressive Nicholas Musoke would be perfect in his quest to re-establish his status in the division.

Charles Oliveira
Next fight: Felipe Arantes

Charles Oliveira finds himself in a state of limbo, comfortably dealing with opponents outside of the Featherweight division’s top-ten but then stumbling against the likes of Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson. He made a difficult opponent in Andy Ogle look second-rate, eventually submitting him in the third round.

Only just coming off his two fight skid, it’s too soon to give Oliveira another top-ranked opponent. Instead, he should be given the opportunity to garner some consecutive wins against respected opponents like Ogle so he can build some momentum and self-confidence.

A perfect opponent for his next fight would be Felipe Arantes who, like Oliveira, was victorious on Saturday against Maximo Blanco. Arantes would be given a hike in competition and the chance to put himself on the map while Oliveira would confirm his talent by acquiring another UFC win.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nicolas Dalby vs Sergei Churilov Meet for Vacant Cage Warriors Welterweight Title in Demark

Nicolas Dalby vs Sergei Churilov Meet for Vacant Cage Warriors Welterweight Title in Demark

The CWFC welterweight world title will be on the line when Cage Warriors Fighting Championship heads to Denmark next month.

Home favourite Nicolas Dalby will take on Ukraine’s Sergei Churilov for the vacant 170lbs belt in the main event at CWFC 66 at Copenhagen’s Ballerup Super Arena on Saturday, March 22.

CWFC officials can today confirm that the belt has been vacated by previous champion Cathal Pendred, who has been released from his contract by mutual agreement.

Dalby (11-0), Scandinavia’s highest-ranked welterweight outside the UFC, is undefeated in his 11 professional bouts since making his debut in March 2010.

The well-rounded 29-year-old holds notable wins over Morten Djursaa, Ivica Truscek, Acoidan Duque and Glenn Sparv.

Commenting on the opportunity to compete for the CWFC belt in his hometown, Dalby said: “I’m extremely excited about fighting for this prestigious title. I’ll do my utmost to ensure that CWFC, the fans in the arena and the viewers at home are treated to a very entertaining fight.”

Churilov (15-1), a team-mate of former CWFC middleweight title challenger Pavel Kusch at Ukraine’s renowned Combat Dobro camp, has taken 11 of his 15 professional victories inside the first round.

The 29-year-old previously competed for Cage Warriors Fighting Championship at CWFC 46 in Kiev, when he impressively submitted Anatoly Starodubtsev.

“I’m really happy to have been given this massive opportunity by the biggest MMA organisation in Europe,” said Churilov. “I’m working hard to make sure that I do everything I can to bring the belt back to Ukraine.”

Paul Dollery, Cage Warriors’ Director of Operations, added: “This has all the ingredients to be a fantastic bout, headlining our historic first ever event in Scandinavia, and the winner will be a very worthy CWFC champion.

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Cathal Pendred for his time as an outstanding CWFC athlete and champion, and we sincerely wish him the best for what will undoubtedly be an exciting future for him.”

The meeting of Dalby versus Churilov is just one of nine bouts that have today been confirmed for CWFC 66. With several bouts still to be announced, check out the current fight card below:

Sergei Churilov vs. Nicolas Dalby - CWFC welterweight title bout
Mohsen Bahari vs. Bruno Carvalho
Jack Hermansson vs. TBA
Robbie Olivier vs. Martin Svensson
Martin Akhtar vs. Toni Tauru
Damir Hadzovic vs. Tommy Maguire
Hakon Foss vs. Per Franklin
Emma Delaney vs. Lina Akhtar Lansberg
Rioo Ibrahim vs. Alexander Jacobsen
Haci Firat Dogan vs. Mathias Lodahl

Josh Sampo before UFC 170 "Zach Can Expect Fifteen Minutes of Hell"

Kingdom MMA talk to Josh Sampo before his fight at UFC 170

by Chris Marzella @ChrisMarzella

The UFC flyweight division has seen a drastic improvement over the last six months or so, with fresh blood adding depth to the division and giving Sean Shelby more options with who he matches up with champ Demetrious Johnson.

At UFC 170 on Saturday night two more flyweights will battle it out to climb into the championship discussion as Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky meets Josh "The Gremlin" Sampo in Las Vegas.

Makovsky was impressive in his UFC debut, defeating veteran Scott Jorgensen in a unanimous decision back at UFC on Fox 9 in December.

Sampo was equally as impressive in his own UFC debut as he took a hard fought submission win over Ryan Benoit back at TUF 18 Finale in November.

Speaking to Sampo played down the significance of fighting on the major platform that is Fox Sports 1, saying:
"This fight is just the next fight in my fight career."
"If I was the first fight or the main event, I'm still going to fight exactly the same and leave it all in the cage so personally it's not that big of a deal other than friends and family getting to watch from home."
Sampo's UFC debut was as a late replacement despite turning in a FOTN performance and he expects no less heading into battle with Makovsky on Saturday night. He said:
"I feel my style has all that and more to be fight of the night, but your opponent has to bring an equally good fight to you to make the fight eligible to receive such honors."
"I feel this fight has all the ingredients to be that. We'll all have to see what happens, but I think that it has a strong chance."
Sampo had trouble making the flyweight limit for his fight with Benoit and found himself ineligible for the FOTN bonus. However, he has played down the significance of loosing such a large amount of money in his mind. He said:
"The Lord works in mysterious ways, and from what I've seen my opponent (Benoit) needed that money much more than I did. He's a very deserving guy and I'm glad the money went to a good place in taking care of his family and child."
"When it comes down to it, I would have paid that amount for that experience again and again."
Sampo fights out of St.Charles MMA and has worked meticulously with his team to formulate a plan to negotiate his way past Makovsky. He said:
"My coaches do an amazing job of breaking down his game and coming up with a good game plan to negate anything he might throw at us. I feel we match up well in all areas of skill. It's going to be a battle of nutrition and will."

 "I never give predictions. All I can guarantee is on February 22nd I'm going to bring everything I've got and leave it all in the cage. A hundred miles an hour from bell to bell. Zach can expect fifteen minutes of hell from me."
Despite being an ever expanding division, a couple of wins strung together and anyone can be in contention for a crack at Demetrious Johnson. A win here could propel either man into the upper echelons of the rankings. Sampo said:
"Ultimately that's not up to me, all I can do is show up and fight my butt off. When the dust settles I'll let you know where I stand."
"I feel Zach is an awesome competitor and this is going to be a great test telling me where I am in the flyweight division."
Sampo has already ruffled some feathers in his short UFC stint, weirdly calling out "Uncle Creepy" Ian McCall with a bizarre "moustache battle" challenge. Sampo said of the call out:
"I have no ill feelings toward Ian."
"He's been one of the top flyweights since I began my career. I wanted to fight him then and want to even more now. I want to fight the best. I figured bringing his stache into the mix would get some attention on the fight and could push it into actually happening.  Hopefully this is a fight that will come to fruition in the near future."
  UFC 170 takes place Saturday February 22 from the Mandalay Bay Events Centre, Las Vegas, NV.

Brad Scott talks to Kingdom MMA before his fight at UFC London

Kingdom MMA catch up with Bradley Scott during his fight camp in Arizona

by Ben Heather @benheather

Bradley "Bear" Scott returns to action in the Octagon on March 8th as the UFC returns to London, ahead of that fight Brad took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Kingdom MMA from Arizona where he is preparing for his fight at The MMA Lab. Brad is set to face Brazilian fighter Claudio Henrique da Silva that night. Today we caught up with Brad to discuss what he has been doing since his last fight, the performances of his team mates from The Lab recently and many more subjects.

Ben: At UFC on Fox 10 two of your MMA Lab team mates, Benson Henderson and John Moraga were in action in close fights. How did you score the fights?
Brad: In both cases people have been disputing the outcome but I think Benson won personally. Look at the fightmetric stats as well, I know that doesn't always show clearly the fight but personally I think Benson won 3 of the 5 rounds. People whinge that he only wins split decisions but I don't give a shit. He is fighting the best guys in the world, its going to be a close fight. Benson is a beast, I spar with him at The MMA Lab and he goes harder there than he does in his fights as well.

As for John Moraga, it makes me mad. John did a lot more damage, John even dropped the guy. Personally I believe that in a fight you're trying to do damage if you think about it. I know we all train MMA as a sport but at the end of the day you're trying to do damage and I don't like the idea that John was doing all the damage and all that guy did was simply hold him down. He didn't do anything, he didn't go for any submissions, no ground and pound, all he did was lay on him and cuddle him and that is not how you do damage. John left without a scratch on him, the other guy got dropped and John clearly won the fight in my eyes. John Moraga is a scary dude.

Ben: At UFC 169 we also saw another fighter from The MMA Lab Andy Enz, who has been one of your sparring partners during this camp. What did you make to his performance?
Brad: He is tough as fuck, and he doesn't give a fuck who you are either, He just stood toe to toe with a dangerous striker and he just kept going. He improved so much in his time at The Lab and was a lovely guy as well. I genuinely wanted him to win, I really like him and its savage that he lost.

I thought he won the last round as well, plus if you look at the way he landed when he got dropped he put his hands down so he must have regained consciousness as he went down.

I was not impressed with Clint, I would break his soul if he didn't knock me out in the first 2 minutes. I nearly called him out after the fight too.

Ben: Sticking with the recent UFC 169 event another English middleweight, Tom Watson was in action. How did you rate his performance and what do you think is next for Kong?
Brad: The fight was crap, it was like he was fighting not to lose. I personally think both me and Luke Barnatt would beat him and he is ranked above us both. Look at his UFC career, first of all he was given way to tough of an opponent in his debut in Brad Tavares. From Jack Marshman to Brad Tavares it was like welcome to the UFC that wasn't great match making in my opinion. Then his next fight against Stanislav Nedkov he went out and was trying to finish the fight and did. He rightfully got the Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night bonuses for that fight.

Then I don't know whats happened, I like Tom a lot. I used to look up to him a lot. I just don't know whats gone on, just throwing leg kicks is asking to be taken down. I hope he gets another shot and he just comes out and tears it up.

Ben: Now lets look back at your fight in Manchester and the events after, do you feel that after your fight in Manchester you got the credit you deserved for the win? It seemed to me that other guys seemed to get a lot more air time and publicity after the fight.
Brad: It doesn't bother me if I am honest with you. In all fairness Luke (Barnatt) got the Fight of the Night bonus which was quite impressive. It was quite cool when he landed the upper cut on Craig, put his hand in the air and walked away and Andrew Craig was still on his leg trying to take him down. That was pretty funny.

I believe a lot of it is because my fight wasn't televised. From what I have heard I had one of the biggest cheers of the night. I couldn't believe the reception I got, I was chuffed to bits and wasn't expecting that. Plus, in all fairness my fight wasn't the most exciting fight though was it. It was a couple of exchanges which I feel I got the better off. I landed a good upper cut put him against the fence and choked him out. Once I knew I had the choke I cranked on it so hard I hurt my back.

I was happy with the credit I got. When I beat the next guy then I will be more satisfied.

Ben: Did it annoy you that when your fight was announced for UFC London the fans were commenting negatively and wanting bigger names and better fights on the card?
Brad: No I'm on the undercard anyway so that doesn't bother me. I think they were more interested in the main card but they should be happy with what they get on the prelims. I could understand if I was on the main card, but not with me on the prelims. I think everyone on the whole card is awesome.

I do know what the fans mean though, they want big big names. They want guys that they have seen on a regular basis on the bigger shows but on the prelims its the guys working there way up the ladder that's why they are called the prelims. Due to the time zones you're not going to get Jon Jones and the fans should be happy that the show is being headlined by Gustafsson. As fans if you want to see the best unfortunately for us Brit's you've got to travel.
England does not have a big enough fan base yet which is why the UFC are trying to promote it in England by putting English fighters on the card. Beyond The Octagon is a fantastic show they are trying to promote a big show, trying to build the sport and promote English fighters and the fans moan, come on give em a chance.

I would be happy to be on the prelims for the next 5 fights and I would not care. I genuinely mean that, I think the pressure goes up as you go up the card and people expect more but people will be impressed by my next fight. I'm going to light Claudio up.... touch wood.

Ben: The win last time proved you were justified to go up in weight, what was your reasoning behind moving up a weight class?
Brad: Food. My whole life depended on dieting but now I can eat what ever I want as long as my performance is good I can eat what I want. My only worry was being dwarfed by people but I was a bigger build than Andy Enz, I move faster than a lot of middleweights and its a reason why John Crouch and everyone at the MMA Lab has been trying to get me to move back down to 170. When I go in there and get absolutely man handled that's when I will consider going back down in weight but until then I'm staying at 185.

Ben: For this fight did you ask for a specific fight?
Brad: All I did was ask to be on the London card then they gave me Claudio da Silva and as soon as that name come through I knew exactly who it was and took it. It could have been anyone mind I would have taken it but I said yeah 100% I know who he is, I know what he is good at, I've seen him fight he's a jui jitsu master.

Ben: Your back at the Lab for this fight, is that something you intend to do for every camp now?
Brad: The Lab is awesome, I know its predominantly a lightweight gym but there is a lot of heavier guys there as well and they are all good. We are all learning the same, we are all drilling the same, we're all getting our hard sparring in. It doesn't matter what size you are you can still share the same gym. I do a lot of sparring with Benson, hard sparring because Benson is the same height as my next opponent but he is fucking stronger than my next opponent. Benson is a freak of strength, he lifts me clean up and slams me but he hasn't managed to keep me down or submit me yet.

Ben: Being at The MMA Lab seems to have a family atmosphere do you agree?
Brad: Yeah its the same as Dragonslair, I think that's why I get on so well. Everyone helps each other, great sparring, two of my sparring partners are all American wrestlers. One of them is good at jui jitsu as well, he won the worlds at blue belt and I know people may say its only blue belt but its the world championships so its legit.

Ben: Last time out you promised me a win by knock out, whats the plan for this fight?
Brad: Yeah I fucked up didn't I. I really doubt I am going to submit this guy, I want a knockout... not a TKO, I would love something horrific where his teeth hit the back row in the binocular seats. We will see what happens, I have to keep it tight stop him from locking anything on if he gets me down and then let him have it when we are stood up.

Ben: Did you find going back to The MMA Lab easier as you knew everyone?
Brad: I knew everyone and sparred the first day I got back, I felt personally I went back a better fighter. I had been drilling all the things I had been told to while I was away and I returned 10x the fighter I was the first time I went to The MMA Lab. I have added another boxing coach back in the UK, both of them are completely different styles and I am blending them up so I will be devastating people.

Ben: What was it like to walk out in the UFC in UK?
Brad: What compared to Australia, fucking awesome. I got spat on in Australia. I couldn't believe the cheer I was getting. It gave me goosebumps.

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it and hope you have a safe trip back to the UK and we will see you in action as the UFC returns to London on March 8th.


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