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Monday, 5 October 2015

BCMMA 12 Co Main Event: Alexandre Roumette vs John Maguire Full Fight Video

by Ben Heather @benheather

On Saturday night UFC vet John Maguire returned to action against Alexandre Roumette in a 165lb catchweight bout in the co main event of BCMMA 12. Maguire was originally scheduled to fight Aldric Cassata but he was forced to withdraw from the fight on fight week and Roumette stepped in on short notice to take the fight.

If you could not make it to the show you can now watch the full fight below.

BCMMA 12 Main Event: Andy Young vs Luis Gonzalez Full Fight Video

by Ben Heather @benheather

On Saturday night Andy Young and Luis Gonzalez battled it out for the BCMMA Pro Flyweight title in the main event of BCMMA 12. If you could not make it to the show you can now watch the full fight below.

Martin Stapleton: The Road To BAMMA Gold VLOG Part 2

by Ben Heather @benheather

Martin Stapleton is back with the second part of his "The Road to BAMMA Gold VLOG" in the build up to his BAMMA World Lightweight title at BAMMA 23 on 14th November. You can check out the first instalment of the vlog here.

Over the next two months leading up to the fight we will be bringing you more footage of Stapes training along with his thoughts on the fight and how he is feeling in the build up to the big fight.

In the latest instalment you can find out what Stapes has been up to lately, his thoughts on the importance of mental preparation and what it's like to train with Matt Inman.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Jake Bostwick Vs Costello Van Steenis confirmed for Phoenix Fight Night

Jake Bostwick Vs Costello Van Steenis has been confirmed for Phoenix Fight Night 28 in a Middleweight bout. The event takes place on 12th December at o2 Academy, Bournemouth. 

Bostwick (16-8) was last seen in action at Warrior Fight Series 3 where he defeated Patrick Vallee in a unanimous decision in what was "Fight of the Night". Now riding an impressive nine-fight win streak with wins over Simeon Thoreson and Vincent Del Guerra, Bostwick looks to take his win streak to double figures. 

Undefeated Van Steenis (6-0) has started off his career in fine fashion and is taking on a very game opponent in Bostwick come 12th December. After upsetting Harry McLeman back in June, Van Steenis is improving with each fight with what looks like to be a very exciting career ahead. 

After Phoenix Fight Night 27 where Van Steenis picked up a submission victory over Avi Jack in the 1st round, Bostwick spoke to us about wanting to fight Van Steenis next and how he "wants to take that 0 away".

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Chris Fishgold: I was made for this shit

By Jack Sear

          Fishgold celebrates after finishing Wrzosek (Image credit: Cage Warriors)

Since he burst onto the UK circuit back in 2009, there has been little doubt in both fans and media alike that Chris Fishgold has the ancillary talent and the sagacious personality to one day make the break into the upper crust of mixed martial arts. 

By the start of 2014, Fishgold was just 21-years of age and had already compiled a professional mixed martial arts record of 10-0. He gained invaluable experience under the BAMMA and Cage Warriors banners, with the likes of Jeremy Petley, Andy DeVent and current TUF 22 competitor Marcin Wrzosek among his past conquests.

Seemingly poised to make the jump across the pond to greener pastures, the Next Generation product spent the entire 2014 campaign on the shelf, recovering from an assortment of injuries. The injuries affected Fishgold mentally as well as physically, detailed in this brilliant piece by YourMMA’s Harry Williams.

After struggling from his lack of cage-time, the Chris Brennan disciple was finally able to recuperate from his injuries and was scheduled for his comeback fight against Korean Gi Bum Moon at ProFC’s May event in Taiwan. Fishgold would go on to lose the fight versus Moon in a highly controversial decision.

Following the loss, Fishgold struggled initially, going on to reveal “It felt like my world came crashing down. There was a lot of people back home saying I was finished, saying I’d gone too far down hill.”

Although justifiably bothered by the judges incompetence and the ridiculous jeers that his career was finished, Fishgold hasn’t let the past haunt him for too long. “You need to forget about the losses as quick as the wins - it’s MMA, no one is going to be unbeaten forever.”

With the loss behind him, Fishgold will now turn his attention to Saturday’s bout with fellow Cage Warriors veteran Ryan Roddy (7-1), which is set to feature as the co-main event at Made4TheCage 18: Takeover in Newcastle.

Coming into this bout Fishgold appears to be completely rejuvenated and is glowing with confidence ahead of his forthcoming tussle. “When I was 9-0 I got a little too comfortable with winning, I fought not to lose” Chris explains. “But now I’ve gone back to my old way - you’ll be seeing me jump for submissions, you’ll be seeing me throwing heavy shots.”

“If he wants to meet me head on, I guarantee I’ll be the last one standing. If he wants to go to the ground then bring it, I will even jump to guard if he wants. I’m going to his adopted home town - he’s going to sleep in his bed the night before, he’s going to have the support of the fans and he’s going to know where to go to rehydrate. I’ve had it before though, so don’t think a few people booing me in arena will make a difference, it’ll drive me. I hope his fans do boo me, I hope they do want to see me lose, because that’s going to give me even more joy when I’m laying my hands on his face.”

As well as it being Fishgold’s first bout on UK soil for nearly two years, we’re also going to be seeing him make a return to lightweight, a weight class where he personally feels much more confident. “When I look back at my fights at 70kg, they’ve always been finishes. I find that I can fight bigger people a lot better. I can concentrate on training more than making weight. ”

Whilst many of his Intensiti Fighter Management colleagues have made the pilgrimage to Montreal’s world-renowned Tristar gym in Canada, the once-beaten Liverpudlian sought his own path and has been training at Phuket Top Team in Thailand, alongside the likes of fellow countryman Ian Entwistle and Vaughan Lee.

“(Graham) Boylan offered the opportunity to go to Tristar, but at the time Thailand seemed like the better option. It’s more chilled out, the people are more respectful and it’s easy to eat clean. You wake up everyday with a smile on your face. Western life is good but when the stress gets too much it’s good to get away from reality” Chris told.

Obviously Fishgold hasn’t just been using his time in Thailand to relax, but he’s been continuing his evolution as a mixed martial artist and has been adding new weapons into his arsenal.

Although confident coming into Friday’s bout, Fishgold acknowledges what’s at stake and how another loss could be a major setback in a rapidly growing sport with an ever growing talent pool.

“I can’t take another step back, I’d rather die in that ring then feel how I did (after the loss to Moon). I need to get to the UFC. I need to do it for myself and my family. It’s not for financial reasons that I want to be the best, I was made for this shit.”

The most likeable aspect of Fishgold lies not with his skills nor his confidence, but the gratitude he expresses towards his friends, family and loyal fan base.

“I’m grateful for every single person that backs me. For those who have believed in me during my lows and been with me during my highs, I’ll never forget anybody. I’ll always be be the same person, from the domestic shows to the UFC.”

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisFishgold and also via Facebook.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Darren Till: UFC Fight Night Dublin Blog 1

On October 24th, unbeaten welterweights Darren Till (13-0) and Nicolas Dalby (14-0) will meet on the main card of the sold-out UFC Fight Night: Duffy vs. Poirier event in Dublin, Ireland.

We are happy to announce that in the build up to this event, Darren will be blogging exclusively for Kingdom MMA; informing readers of his training and preparation, day-to-day activities and general thoughts leading up to the fight. Below is the first entry from Darren, who has just returned to the Astra Fight Team in Santa Catarina, Brazil, after a long-awaited trip home to Liverpool.

Going back to Liverpool for a short period of time was great; it had been almost three years since I had been home and it was great to get back to some masterclass training with the master himself, Colin Heron, owner of Team Kaobon, the best gym there has ever been in the UK. I also got to see friends, catch up with my family and reminisce about old times; it was good looking back at where I have come from. I had some fun nights whilst I was back, I trained hard like I always do and I enjoyed one of the greatest cities in the world for five weeks.

Then I was back up here in Brazil, killing it again and ready to take on my next challenge ahead of me in less than five weeks. Day to day in the week nothing else really matters; I wake up get a quick bite to eat, go the gym, evolve, come back home, eat, sleep and then at 4:00pm I'm back at it. I finish training, get back home and at about 11:00pm I train again - in the middle of the weeks I’m like a monk. When I come home Saturday afternoon; I like to chill, find new restaurants to eat in, watch some films with my family and eat some chocolate (which is my temptation). Sunday’s are similar; I wake up late, do some bullshit in the house with my daughter, I annoy my girlfriend trying to keep peace in the house but me and my daughter are busy making mess haha, and then on Sunday nights I prepare my mind for another focused and hard week of evolving.

Training is going perfectly as always - I train three times a day, always evolving my game. The future of mixed martial arts isn't about the young ones or the most talented; the future belongs to those who can move the best, and I am the best at it. My preparation for this fight has been nothing but intense and intelligent, I am far stronger this time compared to the last fight. My knockout power is beyond belief, everything I hit is going down.

Dalby is an excellent fighter, he’s very experienced and intelligent, he knows how to win fights and I am looking forward to sharing the Octagon with him, but for this fight he will need even more than that to beat me, which he simply doesn't have. I am the winner and there's nothing nobody can do about it.

Ever since I can remember, I have never wanted nothing but to be remembered as the best to ever do it, belts and money doesn't really have much value for me. Obviously I will be champion soon, but I want my name to be remembered, that's the real goal…

 You can follow Darren on Twitter @darrentill2.

Martin Stapleton: The Road To BAMMA Gold VLOG Part 1

by Ben Heather @benheather

Following the announcement that Martin Stapleton will face Gavin Sterritt for the vacant BAMMA World Lightweight title at BAMMA 23 on 14th November we are pleased to bring you Martin Stapleton's blog "The Road to BAMMA Gold".

Over the next two months leading up to the fight we will be bringing you footage of "Stapes" training along with his thoughts on the fight and how he is feeling in the build up to the big fight.

Today we are pleased to bring you the first instalment of his blog, where he talks about the fight announcement, his training schedule and much more.

Stay tuned to Kingdom MMA for the next part of Martin's blog in the coming days.