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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Results: Frankie Edgar submits Cub Swanson in dominant performance at UFC Fight Night Austin

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Main event time as Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson get the action underway in this featherweight feature bout.Edgar starts fast looking to control the opening stages.Swanson lands a few of his own in reply to Edgar. Edgar attempts the take down but Swanson defends it with a smile. Swanson lands some sweet strikes but gets too over confident, misses a big swing and Edgar lands the take down. Edgar clinches the first with the take downs.

Round two begins with Swanson landing to the body but Edgar replies with a big right which opens up a cut to Cubs head. Cubs eye really cut, Edgar all about the ground and pound in this round from the take down, in half guard Frankie is reigning down some hard elbows. Big round for Edgar there.

Third round underway and Edgar lands another take down. Story of the fight for him, these takedowns really working for his ability to control the fight. Swanson really doesn't seem to have an answer once hes taken down. Needs to be standing to have a chance of winning this one, currently going to be 3-0 down if this carries on. Edgar lands more elbows on the ground, dominance from the New Jersey native. Swanson really offering nothing at this stage.

Round four begins with Cub landing a big body kick but Edgar absorbs with no bother. Edgar lands yet another take down putting Cub in all sorts of frustration.Edgar looks to work a submission in the form of a rear naked choke but opts for more ground and pound instead as Cub really has no answer for this barrage. Another dominant round for Frankie Edgar.

Round five underway and Swanson is told by Greg Jackson in the corner that he must knock this dude out. Cub Swanson attempts a kick but Edgar is wise to it as usual in his fights and grabs it into a take down. Edgar still looking for the submission late in the 5th but it doesn't seem likely but hang on Edgar finishes it with less than 10 seconds to go! wow!! awesome performance!

What do the UFC do with Edgar now?

Frankie Edgar def. Cub Swanson via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:56 of Round 5

UFC Fight Night 57 Results

by Ben Heather @benheather

On Saturday night the UFC returned to Austin, Texas for a night of fights which didn't disappoint the fans. As Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar squared off in a featherweight bout which had serious implications on who will get the next shot at Jose Aldo. Below are the official results for the night.

Main Card (BT Sport)

Frankie Edgar def. Cub Swanson Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 4:56 Round 5
Edson Barboza def. Bobby Green Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Chico Camus def. Brad Pickett Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)
Oleksiy Oliynyk def. Jared Rosholt KO 3:21 Round 1
Joseph Benavidez def. Dustin Ortiz Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) 
Matt Wiman def. Isaac Vallie-Flagg Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) 

Preliminary card (BT Sport)

Ruslan Magomedov def. Josh Copeland Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Roger Narvaez def. Luke Barnatt Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
James Vick def. Nick Hein Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Akbarh Arreola def. Yves Edwards Submission (armbar) 1:52 Round 1

Preliminary card (UFC Fight Pass)

Paige VanZant def. Kailin Curran TKO 2:54 Round 3
Doo Ho Choi def. Juan Manuel Puig TKO 0:18 Round 1

Edson Barboza picks up decision victory over Bobby Green at UFC Fight Night 57

by Ben Heather @benheather

In the co main event of the night it was a lightweight battle between two of the best 155lb fighters on the planet.

Barboza using his world famous leg kicks to gain the advantage in the first round. Green seems more concerned with trying to taunt and talk shit to Barboza than engage in the exchanges and its cost him the first round. If Green seemed more focused on fighting he had a great chance in this fight.

The second round starts and Barboza is finding his range just missing a head kick. It doesn't take long before Barboza lands a big right hook which rocks Green before he follows it up dropping him with a spinning heel kick. Green starts to come in to the fight half way through the round landing a flying knee but barboza carries on walking through it. Green looks to be more focused now and being rocked by that spinning heel kick has stopped him from talking shit anymore. Barboza is still working the legs of Green and doing enough to move around the cage to prevent Green catching him.

The third round was a somewhat disappointing end to the fight as Baboza seemed to think he was two rounds up on the scorecards and did enough to stay out of the range of Green while occasionally working his kicks. If he lost the fight he would only have himself to blame after that round.

A disappointing finish to an exciting fight and I look forward to seeing Edson tested by the top of the division again, can this be the run which gets him the UFC title shot?

Official Result: Edson Barboza defeats Bobby Green by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Chico Camus battles to split decision victory over Brad Pickett

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

Flyweights Brad Pickett & Chico Camus get the action underway with a touch of the gloves. Pickett lands a big right hand early on. Camus replies with a flying knee, Camus showing good footwork as Pickett goes for the double leg take down but Camus defends. Pickett finally gets the take down and looks to land some hard ground and pound. Pickett does indeed do some work on the ground but the fight ends up on the feet where Camus seems to be winning the standing exchanges. Round ends and its a close one, could edge towards either.

Close round again. Pickett has more joy but Camus doesnt let up either. Tough fight to score really. Pickett has been active with his take downs despite being tagged so could easily pick up rounds, depends how the judges score it. Pickett dictates the 2nd half of the second round and finds his timing more often than not.

Third round starts with Camus' corner warning him that he needs to win this round to win the fight. Pickett pushing the pace in the final round seemingly landing his shots more easily now than before. Camus' volume has dropped off significantly compared to the first round. Pickett attempts the double leg against the cage but Camus defends well. Crowd being to boo towards the end but it actually hasn't been a bad fight. It's been somewhat of a chess match much like most flyweight fights are due to the skillset and pace of the fighters. Camus lands two rights at the end, will it be enough? Pickett probably does enough to take this 29-28.    

Brad Pickett really unhappy in the cage as the judges score it in favour of Chico Camus via a split decision, have to sympathise with him there.

Chico Camus def. Brad Pickett via split decision 29-28, 27-30, 29-28  

Oleksiy Oliynyk knocks Jared Rosholt out cold in first round comeback victory

by Ben Heather @benheather

An interesting heavyweight fight between a renowned submission specialist and a heavyweight wrestler with knockout power.

The fight starts and both men are going at it, throwing bombs. Rosholt starts mixing up his punches with knees and hurts Olinynk but doesn't go in for the kill instead picks his punches before another big knee hurts Oliynyk. This time he does follow up with some uppercuts as Oliynyk looks hurt but Rosholt slows down and looks like he is trying to save his energy to last the full fight. Rosholt looks like he could finish this fight at any point on the feet.

Then from nowhere a left hook floors Rosholt and just to make sure Oliynyk follows up with a couple of hammer fists to knock out Rosholt cold making sure he gets the victory. What a come back from Oliynyk who was badly hurt about a minute earlier in the first round.

That win ended the run for Rosholt and proved that Oliynyk is a legitimate threat at heavyweight and what a way to pick up the 50th win of your career.

Official Decision: Oleksiy Oliynyk defeats Jared Rosholt by KO 3:21 Round 1

Joseph Benavidez gains dominant Unanimous Decision victory over tough Dustin Ortiz

By Alex Dillon @ADillon__

This flyweight match up starts out quite tentative with both fighters looking to find their range. In the first round, both land some shots but Benavidez' speed is the difference and to more or less secure the round he lands a take down and looks to be attempting a submission as the round came to an end. Round 1 for Benavidez.

Round two starts with Benavidez landing a big head kick to Ortiz. Up to this point, Benavidez is significantly out striking Ortiz 3/1. Big shot hurts Ortiz but he recovers and drops Benavidez with his own shot and then attempts a take down but Benavidez defends well. Ortiz catches the kick of Benavidez and lands another jab before Benavidez scrambles and shows his superior strength. In fairness to Ortiz, he's doing well against the #2 guy in the division. 30 seconds left to go in the round and Benavidez lands with a sweet right, controlling the fight.

Third and final round underway here in this fight with Ortiz needing the finish. Benavidez clearly looking to finish the fight here but Ortiz not giving it and really showing his toughness up to this point. Benavidez lands a good takedown but Ortiz gets back up and lands an uppercut. All Benavidez in the third as he easily controls Ortiz in the ground exchanges. Ortiz comes back with a takedown of his own but fails in his attempt to keep Benavidez down for an opportunity. Last 30 seconds see both standing in the middle of the octagon not letting off, good fight. Benavidez takes this comfortably.    

Really dominant performance from Benavidez who implemented his grappling and striking to perfection. Ortiz to his credit was solid but Benavidez will now look to continue his streak for a chance to fight for the belt again the future.

Joseph Benavidez def. Dustin Ortiz via Unanimous Decision 30-27 x 3            

Wiman outlasts Vallie-Flagg to clinch a Unanimous Decision Victory at UFC Fight Night 57

by Ben Heather @benheather

The main card for UFC Fight Night 57 opened up with a very closely contested lightweight battle as Matt Wiman returned to action for the first time in two years.

Most of the action in the first round happens as Vallie-Flagg holds Wiman against the cage however it's Wiman who is working his strikes with his back against the cage. Then both men are looking to find the openings and everytime they do they land some big elbows. It's a very close first round until four minutes in when the fight moves to the centre of the cage however it doesn't take long to return to the clinch against the cage. The round ends with Wiman looking for the armbar finish pulling an amazing transition to lock the arm but can't extend it to finish the fight.

Vallie-Flagg gets the clinch again as round two opens up exactly how the first round started. Both men are looking to throw as many elbows and punches in the clinch and mixing in some good knees to constantly keep the opponent guessing. Vallie-Flagg goes for a takedown but Wiman manages to switch it up and jumps on the back as he looks for the Rear Naked Choke but nothing comes from it.

Vallie-Flagg doesn't look like he has much left in the tank by the end of the round and I expect the pace to slow down in the third.

Wiman controls the early exchanges in the clinch making sure he keeps his back off the cage at all times but not much action happens and the ref splits them up. It doesn't take long before Wiman is contolling Vallie-Flagg against the cage again and this time Wiman gets him down and takes his back where he stays until the end of the fight doing enough to stay active without really troubling Vallie-Flagg.

Wiman clearly won the third round but the first two were very close, however the judges gave the fight to Wiman who picks up a win after being inactive for nearly two years. Hopefully we will see him back in the Octagon sooner than that now. For Vallie-Flagg this will be another tough loss for him.

Official Decision: Matt Wiman defeats Isaac Vallie-Flagg by Unanimous Decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27